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Don’t Date Baptists

Essays by Terry Barr
Red Dirt Press

Publication date: February 2016

Paperback price: $14.99

ISBN: 978-0692641200

Following in the tradition of Alabama memoirist Rick Bragg, Don’t Date Baptists explores the world of Bessemer, Alabama, circa 1960’s–70’s from the eyes of a boy who grew up there, struggling to understand the divide of race, class, religion, and neighborhood anxiety. Essayist Terry Barr learns from his parents that not all love is the same; that certain neighbors are not to be trusted; that crosses and stars and popular music can with seamless metamorphosis signal danger, desire, hate, and deep abiding love. While public pools might be filled with clay to prevent integrated swimming, or so-called friends might slur those darker than themselves, this southern boy learns to appreciate how these incidents and relationships have challenged and molded him into the teacher, writer and unapologetic Bessemer man that he is. With humor and poignant authenticity, Barr captures what it means to come of age as the New South cuts its teeth, with much trial and terrible error, in territory that is rich and explosive, devastating and beautiful.

“These are remarkable personal essays—funny, wistful in the right measure, smart, and heartbreaking.”
--Leslie T. White, Professor of English, University of New Orleans

Terry Barr

Terry Barr

Terry Barr is a Professor of Modern Literature and Creative Writing at Presbyterian College in upstate South Carolina. His essays have been widely published in print and online in such journals as The Bitter Southerner, Hippocampus, Deep South Magazine, Blue Lyra Review, Blue Bonnet Review, Steel Toe Review, and Red Truck Review. He lives in Greenville, SC, with his wife, two daughters, and their beloved pets, Morgan and Max (the Carolina Wild Dog).

________________________________________________________________________,204,203,200_.jpgMoonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze: (Contemporary Poetry By New and Experienced Poets) Paperback – March 12, 2016


Chucked full with 53 poets and 188 pages, this 8 1/2 x 11" anthology is loaded with the very best contemporary and new artistic voices in poetry today. Inside is a combination of Pushcart nominees, winners, Best of the Net such as chief editor Michael Lee Johnson, Janet Kuypers, A.J. Huffman, Joan McNerney, Gary Beck, Joanna M. Weston, Scott Thomas Outlar, Peycho Kanev, and coeditor Ken Allan Dronsfield and many others. If you do not recognize a name now you will after this book captures your imagination touches your heart because these poets are on the frontline of small contemporary poetry press today. This anthology, wonderful covers, incredible talent, makes the perfect addition to your personal library, coffee table, or given as a special gift. Buy now!



"Allison Grayhurst's poetry appears visceral, not for the faint of heart, and moves forward with a dynamism, with a frenetic pulse. If you seek the truth, the physical blood and bones, then, by all means, open the world into which we were all born," Anne Burke, poet, regional representative for Alberta on the League of Canadian Poets' Council, and chair of the Feminist Caucus.



Songs of a Dissident is an imaginative exploration of the human condition as much as a political protest. Outlar is convinced of human evil, arrogance, and willed self-harm, but he also reminds us we have a choice in our lives. He eliminates all cause for idleness and dissipation. At heart, though, he is confused and questions why we could be blind to our own evil. He finds he isn't the only one asking this question.



 AM Spence’s collection of beautiful, evocative poems reminds me of those moments in our lives when a single, seemingly commonplace event triggers a flood of memories and emotions; the familiar sights and sounds that barely register in the present but mean so much more when revisited later in life.
AM Spence creates richly descriptive, multilayered, resonant poetry that encourages us to relish both the physical world and our own inner landscapes. Her poems are intimate, finely crafted pieces of art that beckon the reader to explore the events and memories, from fleeting to existential, that make us who we are.

Reflect is a deeply personal journey through wild nature and contemplative civilization that invites the audience to meditate about time, place, memory, dreams, and reality. AM Spence is our thoughtful guide on a wistful and joyous walk through a quiet forest that slowly reveals its secrets.

— Guy Farmer


A Collection of Friends offers nostalgia and impressions that give loving tribute to people who have passed through the life of author Tom Sheehan. He illuminates his own time from his Depression-era childhood to manhood, describing, with astonishing clarity, a deep and abiding respect for his Grandfather

Johnny Igoe, who instilled in him the writing muse. Sheehan also tells of the heartbreaking sacrifices made by comrades in war and peace, and infuses this entire book with warm memories of his beloved hometown of Saugus, Massachusetts.


Four close friends: Ted, son of former anti-Vietnam war activists; Philippe, son of a French mother and a former South Vietnamese General; Kevin, son of old money parents; and Lys, disowned for being a lesbian, leave Yale to start a computer gaming business. Start-up money allows them many luxuries while developing their first game. It is a hit that attracts thousands of gamers and is quite profitable. They invest the majority of their earnings and then... disaster strikes.


Queenie is one of six rescued wolves. “Walking slowly to the den, dug out under a large boulder, I crawled in using my flashlight. There they were, six of them, staring at me. They did not seem frightened but whined a little. I picked each one up and looked them over one at a time and they seemed in pretty good shape, staring intently at me with their penetrating eyes.
This was such an amazing experience. It’s likely the bounty hunters poisoned their parents and siblings, and these were the survivors. I was their savior. I have never felt such instant bonding, overwhelmed with desire to make a life for these beautiful critters of the wilderness."



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