August 1, 2015


Elizabeth Brooks Manatee River

Elizabeth Brooks resides in Tampa, Florida. She is originally from Trinidad and Tobago.  A lover of life, family, friends, a good book,  lots of laughter and continues to grow and accept many challenges.  She is a librarian by profession and a part-time reference librarian at Saint Leo University, St. Leo Florida. 

Indescribable Pleasure

There is an indescribable
burning, yearning
inside of me
knowing there is
something more
unopened doors,
yet for me to unfold
and  to discover.

I'm always startled
by the abundance
of beauty
that surrounds me
the majestic
sprawling canopies
of forever green
and bearded oak trees

The daily
kiss and flow
of the gliding sparkling
scenic river
leaves me gasping for breath
it is sometimes sprinkled
with a blanket of fresh
fallen young leaves
reflecting God's
constant goodness
and His presence
His abounding power
and mercy

I'm reminded
of the ocean and its roar
ebb and splash
billowing waves
white foam
suggesting an appetite
a sensation
undulating in a cadence
and rhythm
so beguiling and captivating
it beckons me
Sea Image
Sea Foam, Waves
shouts, says my name
stirs the fire in my soul
with an immersing
and trembling

It ultimately consumes me
absorbs me
I am complete
in its presence
it complements my beauty
and the mystery within me
if I am still, long enough
I lose myself
all of my senses
and we become one

I wish the sun
would melt me, smelt me
into the sugar-powdered sand
when the tides rise
and the surf breaks
it would engulf me
take me
pull me into
a sweet forever dance
with the sea
splashing me, thrusting me
back forth
loving me to freedom.


I feel the gentle breeze, inhale deeply
smell the ocean air, exhale longer
cast out all doubt and fear
slathered with my MK
sunscreen SPF 50
I'm ready.

I look around
in awe and wonder
at the power of
the majestic sea,
and run to it.
Anticipating yet,
resisting the jolt
of too cool temperature
on my skin.

But the water is perfect
though the waves are threatening
but I can float and body surf,
sometimes swim.
This soothes my spirit
my muscles and my bones.
Exposed to the elements
I'm washed, exfoliated
crystal cleansed
hair wet, wind blown
I'm free
a wild child, innately.

I moan and groan
with obvious pleasure
at God's favorite shades of green
and blue colors.
Voracious waves
stun me, tumble me over.
They come by without a lull
I shriek, I cry, I gasp
I taste, I choke on
salty water, briefly
now there is some relief.
Smaller waves come by intermittently.
I'm relieved but not ready
to leave.
This is what I live for
to acknowledge and recognize
the many gifts
from His majesty.

I listen to the symphony of land, sea and air
the whisper, the silence, the roar,
the whip of the wind.
Birds galore, squawking, tweeting,
flying. I watch some soar.
With hesitance I  walk to the shore.
My stay is longer than expected.
The atmosphere is
hypnotic and I’m an addict to its magic.

But for today, I'm done.
Slowly, I walk away
from the beach
stop, look back, and smile.
The turbulence is now shockingly calm
the ocean appears in compliance
no longer defiant.
In all its magnificence
challenging, tempting me
to return, one of the characteristics
of the sea.


I was awakened to the presence of moonbeams on my bed,
splashed across my pillow, my face.  It’s almost 3:00am.
Sleep has lost the battle - will no longer come, the middle of my night.
I am awestruck by my new visitor.  He is stunning.
The pull of sleep, the lure of romance, I cannot look away.
I tiptoe to my window to bed and back again.
I want more of this private gentle, nurturing, holy time.
Very early last night, I glanced at him
through the blinds of my living room - on the other side.
I even peeked at him from my guest room –
each time I blew him several kisses.
He flooded my home with his reflection - from the east side.
I thought this could be a wild night.
I resisted going to bed but he knows where to find me.
We were together fully aroused, no distractions.
He was there for me and I for him
to affirm our glory together.
Even though I have been awake, my alarm clock has crowed –
it is time to get up. It is 6:05 am.  Once I was awakened,
he stayed with me  which was most of the night.
He leaves me this morning without fear or doubt
but full of  tears of joy, grounded in faith but still a mystery.
I never call him by his name.  But he is my Boo – my Mister Moo.
I know he will be here again tonight, but will he wake me?
Tonight will be full moon - more fulfilling, ethereal!
~Elizabeth Brooks

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