July 7, 2016

Three poems by Marcia Conover: "Independence Rings," "Summer Visitors," and "Seasons of Color"

Marcia Conover was born in Indiana and grew up in a small farming community in northern Madison county. She has been writing short stories and poems since grade school, but didn't share her poetry until her mother's death in 2015. She is married with 2 grown children and lives on a small farm where she has owned and operated a state-licensed child care center since 1984.


Independence Rings

As America’s excitement mounts
We begin to see our liberty counts
One, two, three, our heads held high
Poetic colors paint the the sky
Red and blue,white and green
So many sparks from here are seen
Celebrating our country’s birth
A glorious display on this old earth
Children laughing all around
Sparklers glowing can be found
Parents covering baby’s ears
Muffling the booms to stop the tears
A privilege it is to demonstrate
Our freedom rings, we celebrate

Summer Visitors 

Mr. Drake and Mrs. Hen
Nice to see you here to swim
Will you be staying all summer long?
Just like last year growing strong
Spring through summer you came to rest
Raising your young in a hidden nest
Seven ducklings were on our pond
Of which everyone became quite fond
Watching them grow and swim each day
Can't wait to see your family play
Feeling privileged again this year
Blessed you chose to raise them here

Seasons of Color

Looking out across the field
Red, green, yellow, white
The distant woodland revealed
Evidence of a changing light

Robins among the trees
Singing their blissful song
Blue jays chanting ever so pleased
All signs say it won't be long

A pleasing blend of green hues
Bursting forth from the thicket
Bright yellow flowers are clues
The timely chorus of crickets

A familiar smell filling the air
She is here in tranquil glory
No longer is the landscape bare
Spring is retelling her heartfelt story

~Marcia Durant Conover

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