September 13, 2017

Three Poems by Ann Christine Tabaka: "Ode to the Moon," "The Shadow Game," and "The Sea Below"

Ann Christine Tabaka was born and lives in Delaware. She is a published poet, artist, chemist, and personal trainer. She loves gardening, cooking, and the ocean. Chris lives with her husband and two cats. Her poems have been published in numerous national and international poetry journals, reviews, and anthologies.

Digital Artwork submitted by Ken Allan Dronsfield


Oh hazy moon,
half hidden in the evening mist;
peeking from behind wisps of clouds
as you frolic among the stars.

You have mystified man
since time immemorial.
you have been hailed as a god
by the ancients.

You fill the imagination with wonder.
More songs and poems
have been written about you
than of love itself.

You have been the earth’s companion
for ages beyond count.
You have witnessed untold extinctions and wars,
while you stood your silent guard.

At night you light the way
for weary travelers and lovers alike.
You rule the tides, then eclipsed by the world,
you disappear into the shadows.

Man has touched you,
and left his footprints
forever on your surface,
and still your magic remains.


Dancing 'round the fire
Flickering in and out
Before me images transpire
And bring myself to doubt

Strange visions fill the night
They move and grow then die
Causing imaginations to ignite
As physics they belie

What magical illusions
Does my mind create
Drawing false conclusions
Will they soon abate

Mystical apparitions fly
Beyond the amber flame
Projected against darken sky
They play the shadow game


Waves lapping at a lonely beach
The setting sun just out of reach
I walk along the stretch of shore
That I have traversed many times before

The amber sky is all aglow
As the sun sinks down so slow
Restless waves the only sound
As I meander homeward bound

Peaceful, quiet, and serene
The way that it has always been
The ocean has lured us since time began
Drawing us in with its beckoning hand

© Ann Christine Tabaka

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