January 1, 2015


Jeremiah Ashcraft currently resides in Louisville, Ky. He has been happily married for four years.

A Home Life

Most silly days end in blood.  
Yet, the Just are allowed repose like miniature Potters,

i.e., gods 

            I am not just.
I do not have dignified calmness.

There are days that do not end in blood.
They are those in which the child grows silent toward evening.
The child absorbs minds and uses altars.  

He is always drawn from such sanctuaries
realizing that when seed is carried in fabrics
suicide is a step up from that door,
while he longs for something soft and warm and wet.  

You are lost.
You have to be.  
However, I know myself
and understand the distance
between us.  

The child grows into the author.

He builds deaf and mute gods from wood and stone
and remains in the silent motion of his monument.  

He feels his last integrity.

~Jeremiah Ashcraft

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