February 24, 2019

Visual Art by Mario Loprete

Artist Statement:

“My work focuses on research and documentation of the world of hip hop. This philosophy of life now is no longer relegated to just u.s.a. boundaries, but rather it can be found at any latitude.

I use as a support of my new works the concrete, as I find it is the link between my project and hip hop. concrete as the Internet has cleared all geographical boundaries, it's a material created by the ancient Romans, but today it's modernity and contemporarity indicator.”

b-boy oil on canvas 60x90cm

b-boy oil on concrete 80cm x 100cm

fabri fibra oil on concrete diameter 25cm

j-ax oil on concrete 20 x 30 cm

MARIO LOPRETE club dogo oil on concrete 40 cm x 120 cm

untitled oil on concrete 30 x 40 each

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