October 4, 2016

"Hope Realized" 18 x 24 by David Cunningham

Welcome to the October 2016 issue of Indiana Voice Journal. I am honored to present the work of so many amazing visual artists, and award winning authors in one issue. Our contributors voices sound out from all parts of the world, but our featured visual artist this month is David Cunningham, who resides in Indiana. Be sure to check out his work, as well as the many other poetic voices gracing this  issue of IVJ. 

As many of you know, on February 15, 2016 we published an ekphrastic edition featuring the artwork of Shameeg van Schalkwyk, a 25 year-old self-taught visual artist from the Cape Flats in South Africa, with poets responding to his art. I'm happy to report that since that time, Shameeg was offered an endowment from a benefactor, Doctor Nanda Sooben, and has been attending school. A moving tribute to Doctor Sooben, crafted by author Bilkis Moola, is included in this issue.

 I wish you all a safe, beautiful Autumn season, and a Happy Halloween. ~Janine Pickett


A Poem by Joseph K. Wells: "Eternity"
Two Poems by Natalie Crick: "Dear Sister," and "The Murmuring"
Two Poems by Grayson Spaw: "Mantis" and "Childhood Cul-de-sac"
Four Poems by Judy Moskowitz:  "Modigliani," "Once Upon a Time," "Band of Gold," and "Boogieman Dreams"
Four Poems by Lynda McKinney Lambert: "Insight," "Zen Enlightenment," “An Afternoon Embroidery Lesson,” and “Appalachian Alchemy"
A Poem by Lucia Walton Robinson: "Hand-Me-Downs: A Sestina for Graggy"
Three Untitled Poems by Simon Perchik
Three Poems by Ted Mc Carthy: "Eggs," "Dalkey in November," and "Kilcloon"
A Poem by Milton Montague: "Bless My Recliner"
Four Poems by Todd Outcalt: "Doodling," "Venice in the Rain," "Art in Florence," and "Singing the Blues"
Two Poems by David Allen: "Halloween" and "Halloweeks"
Two Poems by Debasish Parashar: "Keep a Vigil With the Corpses," and "Of Promises, Markets and Memories"
Three Poems by Isabel Chenot: "Fallen Leaves," "7:30," and "Isaiah 27:1"
Three Poems by Kara D. Spain: "Waiting on Fall," "Winter's Love," and "The Path We Walked"
Three Poems by Alan Britt: "Wishing I Lived in Montana," "Party at Watson's," and "Invisible Sounds of Cinco de Mayo, 10 a.m."
Three Poems by Dan Jacoby: "Sleeping Sycamores," "Upton Cemetery," and "Chance Meeting"
Three Poems by Ken Allan Dronsfield: "The Leaves Wink," "Athenaeum of Dreams," and "Penny's Last Quarter"
Three Poems by Adam Levon Brown: "Fuzzy Repentence," "Phoenix in Chains," and "Bella Morte"
Three Poems by Denise C. Buschmann: "Charlie Brings Nora to Visit, August 7, 2015," "Reality Jolt," and "Worth by Different Standards"
A Poem by Jennifer Criss: "Come Hither"


A special thank you to visual artists Fabrice B. Poussin, and James Hubbard for their photography and artwork used throughout this issue of Indiana Voice Journal.


CNF/Essay by Jenny Sturgill: "The Moon's Spell"

Bilkis Moola is an Educator who works as a Head of Department in Languages at a school in Vukuzakhe, a township located in Volksrust, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.  Her first published anthology, “Wounds and Wings:  A Lyrical Salve Through Metaphor” was received throughout South Africa and launched her poetic persona.  It evolved as an introspective quest for recovery from her personal narrative of an abusive marriage.  She presently divides her time between professional responsibilities and  postgraduate studies in Education.  Her pen continues to sketch the flotsam in her mind from the passion in her heart on shreds of paper that bloom into poems.

Joseph K. Wells is a businessman, doctor of occupational therapy, part-time professor and a few wannabes from time to time. Poetry allows him to be whatever and whoever he wants to be. His physical form lives in Toledo, Ohio. A selection of his works is posted on https://paperonweb.wordpress.com.

Natalie Crick has found delight in writing all of her life and first began writing when she was a very young girl. Her poetry is influenced by melancholic confessional Women's poetry. Her poetry has been published in a range of journals and magazines including Cannons Mouth, Cyphers, Ariadne's Thread, Carillon and National Poetry Anthology 2013.

Grayson Spaw is a high school senior from Fort Wayne, Indiana. She enjoys reading, writing, acting, and living with her four cats.

Judy Moskowitz started playing piano at the age of three and became a professional jazz musician. She has performed throughout the New York City area and was part of the jazz scene in New York. Judy started writing poetry three years ago and has been published in Indiana Voice Journal, Midnight Dreamers Of The Yellow Haze, The Poet Community.com, Whispers Of The Wind, Leaves Of Ink, and Poetry Life & Times. She currently resides in Boca Raton Florida where she continues to play jazz and write poetry. They live side by side in her veins and soul.

In the fall of 2008, Lynda McKinney Lambert retired from her teaching career at Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA where she was Professor of Fine Arts and Humanities. She now divides her days between writing, knitting and creating mixed-media fiber art. She exhibits her art in national & international exhibitions. Lambert’s writing focus is poetry and creative non-fiction. Currently, she has three new books in development. One is creative non-fiction essays, and two are poetry books. She is the author of "Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage," published by Kota Press.

Lucia Walton Robinson is both a Hoosier and a Southern poet, holding degrees from Butler and Duke. Having edited books in Manhattan and taughtliterature and writing in a Florida college, she’s now ensconced near the Carolina coast and her daughter, also an editor and poet. Her work has appeared in Kakalak 2015, The Penwood Review, The Road Not Taken: A Journal of Formal Poetry, The Southern Poetry Anthology, vol. VII, Indiana Voice Journal, and other publications.

Simon Perchik is an attorney who lives in East Hampton, N.Y. His poems have appeared in Partisan Review, Forge, Poetry, Osiris, The New Yorker and elsewhere. His most recent collection is Almost Rain, published by River Otter Press (2013). For more information, including free e-books, his essay titled “Magic, Illusion and Other Realities” please visit his website at www.simonperchik.com.

Ted Mc Carthy is a poet and translator living in Clones, Ireland. His work has appeared in magazines in Ireland, the UK, Germany, the USA, Canada and Australia. He has had two collections published, 'November Wedding', and 'Beverly Downs'. His work can be found on www.tedmccarthyspoetry.weebly.com

Milton Montague, was born in new York in 1924. He survived the Great Depression, school, and World W II, He fell in love, married, raised three wonderful daughters, and retired. He discovered poetry at 86. Now at 90 plus he has 103 poems published in 29 different magazines, including Indiana Voice Journal.

Todd Outcalt is the author of over thirty books in six languages including Common Ground, The Best Things In Life Are Free, and the upcoming children's biography, All About Martin Luther King, Jr. His poetry has most recently appeared in The Oklahoma Review, Rattle, and Poetry Quarterly. He writes mystery novels under the pen name, R.L. Perry.

David Allen is a retired journalist and now full-time poet living in Central Indiana. He is the Poetry Editor of Indiana Voice Journal, the 1st Vice President of the Indiana State Federation of Poetry Clubs, and is an active member of the Last Stanza Poetry Association of Elwood, Indiana. His poems and short stories have been published in several journals and he has published two books of poetry, "The Story So Far," and "(more)," both available from Amazon.com. He also has a blog, “Type Dancing,” at: www.davidallen.nu.

Debasish Parashar is a poet and social journalist based in New Delhi, India. He is a postgraduate in English literature from University of Delhi. He has sung for 'In Search of God' and 'Raag'.His literary works have been featured in prestigious Indian and international journals, including Visual Verse (Germany/U.K), Tuck Magazine, and the Assam Tribune. He has a website at: https://debasishparashar.wordpress.com.

Isabel Chenot has previously had poetry appear in Indiana Voice Journal,  the Anima poetry journal, on the Atavic poetry site, and on Hedgerows small poems. Recently a small collection (Leaves Like Spindrift) was published by Anima Poetry Press.She has loved poetry as long as she can remember.

Kara D. Spain is a poet who often writes in the lyrical, formal style. She enjoys spending time alone, contemplating life, while drinking warm tea. She is "married to my wonderful husband of ten years" and has two spoiled cats. More of her poetry and publications her website: http://lyrical-discovery.blogspot.com/

Alan Britt was invited by the Ecuadorian House of Culture Benjamín Carrión in Quito, Ecuador, in 2015 as part of the first cultural exchange of poets between Ecuador and the United States. During his visit, he participated in venues all across the country, including the international literary conference sponsored by La hermandad de las palabras. In 2013 he served as judge for the The Bitter Oleander Press Library of Poetry Book Award. His interview at The Library of Congress for "The Poet and the Poem" aired on Pacifica Radio and is available at www.loc.gov/poetry/media/avfiles/poet-poem-alan-britt.mp3 . His latest books include Violin Smoke (Translated into Hungarian by Paul Sohar and published in Romania & Hungary (2015); Lost Among the Hours: 2015; Parabola Dreams (with Silvia Scheibli): 2013; and Alone with the Terrible Universe: 2011. He teaches English/Creative Writing at Towson University. he lives in Reisterstown, MD.

Dan Jacoby is a former principal, teacher, coach, and counterintelligence agent. He is a graduate of St. Louis University, Chicago State University, and Governors State University and lives in Beecher and Hagaman, Illinois. He has published poetry in Anchor and Plume (Kindred), Arkansas Review, Belle Rev Review, Bombay Gin, Burningword Literary Review, Canary, Cowboy Poetry Press-Unbridled 2015, Chicago Literati, and Indiana Voice Journal, to name a few. He He is a member of the American Academy of Poets and the Carlinville Writers Guild and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2015. He is currently looking for a publisher for a collection of poetry.

Ken Allan Dronsfield is a published poet and author originally from New Hampshire, now residing in Oklahoma. He loves thunderstorms, walking in the woods at night, and spending time with his cats Merlin and Willa. He is the co-editor of the new poetry anthology titled, Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze available at Amazon.com. His published work can be found in reviews, journals, magazines and anthologies throughout the web and in print venues including: The Burningword Journal, Indiana Voice Journal, The Literary Hatchet Magazine, Belle Reve Journal, Peeking Cat Magazine, Dead Snakes,Bewildering Stories, Aquill Relle, Members Anthology, Book 6, Literature Today, Volume 5, Poetic Melodies Anthology, Creative Talents Unleashed; and many others. His poetry has been nominated for Best of the Net for 2016.

Adam Levon Brown is a published author, poet, amateur photographer, and cat lover. He is owner of Madness Muse Press; a micro-press that publishes dark poetry, and a book reviewer for Five 2 One Magazine. He has been published in the Burningword Literary Journal, Corvus Review, and Yellow Chair Review. Adam can be contacted via his website at www.AdamLevonBrown.org where he offers free poetry resources. Also see his press at www.Madnessmusepress.com. The poems "Phoenix in Chains" and "Bella Morte" first appeared in his chapbook, “These Streets Don’t Cry For Us,” available from Amazon.

Denise C. Buschmann lives in Carmel, Indiana and is a freelance editor and proofreader. A former teacher, she holds master’s degrees in mild interventions and reading from The University of Indianapolis. She grew up in a small town in North Carolina and sometimes lay awake listening to transfer trucks whizz by her grandmother’s house, when visiting overnight, thinking how wonderful it would be to travel to some of their destinations. Having lived in several states, Denise settled down in Indiana 23 years ago. Denise’s poetry received honorable mention in the Contemporary American Poetry Prizes contest in 2014 (Chicago) and has been published, thus far, this year in Leaveners Poets’ Corner (UK), The Great American Wise Ass Poetry Anthology, Lamar University (TX), Seeing Beyond the Surface (NJ), Shout it Out! (UK), and Revival: Self Discovery Magazine (FL).

Jennifer Criss graduated from Ball State University with a minor in Creative Writing. She is currently collaborating on an anthology for older adults and helps lead a writing support group. Jennifer writes mostly short stories but has discovered a love for writing poetry. Her poetry has been published in Poebita Magazine, Whispers, The Poet Community, NY Literary Magazine and Indiana Voice Journal. Her work also appears in several print anthologies. She now works at Ball State, is a busy mother of two girls, and the art editor at Indiana Voice Journal.

Transcend:My Pictures:personal:headshot copy.jpg
 David Cunningham's compelling realistic paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout the United States. In his meticulously crafted oil paintings, he combines traditional 15th century Dutch technique with contemporary ideas about space and composition.  Through preliminary drawings, value based underpainting, and multiple thin layers of colors, David creates paintings that celebrate three-dimensional illusion. 
 Professor Cunningham’s current body of work focuses on the beautiful color relationships and amazing juxtaposition of shapes and textures found in stones.   The paintings reveal the power, hardness, and permanence of its subject matter creating subtle narratives that resonate with something deep, primitive, and spiritual in all of us. Over the last three years, these paintings have received high praise being exhibited in over a dozen juried and invitational exhibits. Recently, he received best of show in Fort Wayne Museum of Art’s Contemporary Realism Biennial and in the Swope Museum’s Wabash Valley exhibit.

Michael Gately enjoys hiking, traveling, eating, and spending time with his girlfriend, and cat. 

Jenny Sturgill is an RN who lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband. When she is not writing she enjoys cooking and gardening. Her works have appeared in The Kentucky Explorer, Ky Story, Page&Spine, The Enchanted File Cabinet, The Pink Chameleon, Friday Fiction, The Storyteller, Long Story Short, and she is the author of Against the Wind; How I survived my life with Grandma.

Adreyo Sen is pursuing his MFA at Southampton College.

Donal Mahoney has worked as an editor for U.S. Catholic Magazine, Loyola University Press, and The Chicago Sun-Times. Retired now, he keeps busy writing poetry, fiction and nonfiction. One of the most important aspects of “freedom” for him is freedom of religion and the opportunity in this country to practice it or not practice it. Some of his work can be found at http://eyeonlifemag.com/the-poetry-locksmith/donal-mahoney-poet.html#sthash.OSYzpgmQ.dpbs=

Sharon Tewksbury is totally blind. She writes essays, short stories, poetry, and is a lyricist and musician.

Richard Krause’s collection of fiction, Studies in Insignificance, was published by Livingston Press and his epigram collection, Optical Biases, was published by Eyecorner Press in Denmark. Propertius Press has accepted his second collection of epigrams, Eye Exams. His writing has more recently appeared in The Long Story, J Journal, Hotel Amerika, Scapegoat Review, Turk’s Head Review, Red Savina Review and Eastlit. Oddville Press and Brilliant Flash Fiction will publish his work this fall. He teaches at Somerset Community College in Kentucky. 

Robert Wexelblatt is professor of humanities at Boston University’s College of General Studies. He has published the story collections, Life in the Temperate Zone, The Decline of Our Neighborhood, The Artist Wears Rough Clothing, and Heiberg’s Twitch; a book of essays, Professors at Play; two short novels, Losses and The Derangement of Jules Torquemal, and essays, stories, and poems in a variety of scholarly and literary journals. His novel Zublinka Among Women won the Indie Book Awards first-place prize for fiction.  A collection of essays, The Posthumous Papers of Sidney Fein, is forthcoming.

Andy doesn't know how to write but sometimes finds completed works on his computer.

Michael Landsman has taught high school English in New York City for most of his career. He is a NYC native and currently lives in the Bronx. 

JD DeHart is a writer and teacher.  His chapbook, The Truth About Snails, is available on Amazon.

Donal Mahoney has worked as an editor for U.S. Catholic Magazine, Loyola University Press, and The Chicago Sun-Times. Retired now, he keeps busy writing poetry, fiction and nonfiction. One of the most important aspects of “freedom” for him is freedom of religion and the opportunity in this country to practice it or not practice it. Some of his work can be found at http://eyeonlifemag.com/the-poetry-locksmith/donal-mahoney-poet.html#sthash.OSYzpgmQ.dpbs=

R. B. Ejue has had stories published in Red Fez Magazine, and Work Literary Magazine

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