September 1, 2016

Flash Essay by Marcia Conover: "Crossroads of America"

Marcia, born in Indiana, grew up in a small Farming community located in northern Madison county. Since she was a small child she has had a compassion for animals in need and a love of Photography as well as the outdoors. She has been drawn to writing short stories and poetry since grade school, poetry being her favorite. She has written short fictional stories while in high school for the “Tartan” her high school literary publication. She also enjoyed working on the Yearbook staff in Junior high through 12th grade. Poetry slowly became her hobby and favorite release. Only since her Mother’s death in 2015 has she began to share her poetry. She is married with 2 grown children and lives on a small farm in Pendleton, IN where she has owned and operated an in home state licensed child care since 1984. Her poems have been published in the Indiana Voice Journal and in several poetry anthologies available on Amazon.


Such a Beautiful diverse State, Indiana indeed “Land of the Indians”. I have personally visited time and time again many favorite places here.  Some have changed over the years others seemingly untouched by progress , but all have touched my soul and left a lasting impression.
    Grains of sand blowing across the dunes on the banks of a Great Lake. Boundary to a neighboring state to the north. Simple and serene, top to bottom. Wandering  sand trails to the top and tumbling back down to the bottom. Endlessly fishing the numerous lakes and reservoirs scattered about.
Ninety two counties to be explored In all. Many named for US founding fathers, others for persons of  notability during the American Revolutionary War. From the banks of the
Wabash to the cliffs and falls in Historic Madison. North to south and east to west Indiana is dotted with pristine State parks, historical sites and markers so numerous it makes my  head spin. Imagine each county with its own unique history. More than a few lifetimes of stories to tell. I could spend my life exploring every nook and bend in the road. Hidden treasures to be found and memories to be made.
    Soaking in the vast farmlands and homesteads to caves that I have explored and camping trips to the Hoosier National Forrest. World Famous limestone quarries, a five hundred mile race bringing people from all over the world. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to take part in so many of these events and see these places. Even Santa Claus Indiana where Old St. Nick receives his letters every Christmas season. Places where movies have been made and visitors come to see James Deans home town.
    The Cardinal, tulip tree and peony representing a heritage of unforgettable territory.  I'm proud to be a Hoosier. A state that is exciting, electric, historic. A place to visit, vacation and most of all to live with a vastness to explore. The things of Indiana should be shared and told and sometimes retold to anyone who will listen. This land is more than my home. This 19th state of the Union is my life.  It flows endlessly through my veins and fills my dreams with adventures.  My life delicately entwined with the times and events of this state, that too becoming history on a personal level. This is where I was born and where I will be laid to rest.

~Marcia Conover

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