February 24, 2019

A Poem by Sarah M. Prindle: "The Autumn Season"

Sarah M. Prindle received an Associate's Degree in English two years ago. Since then She's been working on getting short stories and poems accepted. She has been published in several magazines, including "Better than Starbucks Magazine", "Poetry Quarterly", and "Pale Ghosts Magazine". 

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The Autumn Season

As autumn dawns
against a sapphire sky
leaves turn gold
then reddish-brown
and curl
around the edges.
As snow drifts in
the leaves fall;
whirling and
then landing
on brittle grass.
Autumn’s arrival
heralds a time
of bare branches
sleeping bears
of nature
and life.
leads to winter,
leads to spring.
The color green
but is reborn
as life awakens

Sarah M. Prindle

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