October 18, 2014


AM Spence was born
in Manchester
and read literature
as an undergraduate
at The University
of Manchester UK.
In 2009 she completed
her MA in creative writing
in poetry at the same university.

Autumn Reflects

Leafy branches jostle
in the autumn wind
onto my wall of Yellow
Brick Road in an oblong
shape whilst autumn
sunlight brightly casts
sunlight through my pane:
in the centre of the wall
leafy branches reflect
as dark shadowy shapes,
I watch them jostle in
the autumn wind
out the corner of my eye:
I think of dark winter.

Dark December

The moon in its own
backdrop of black sky sits
still over the spine spindly
 fern tree in the blindly-snow
that dustily-floats mistily
all over everything, until
my view of the moon is
a ghost girl made from
moon and spine spindly
fern tree, who leaps
mid-air above the park
bench with long hair of 
tinsel-snow, among dark
December in blindly-snow
like the Christmas spirit of
a woman's lost childhood.

Winter Wood

I look across flat snow
pure pinkish-white as
strange light casts shadowy
shapes that form from tall 
tree trunks flanked
by sunset, stood in their
own distorted reflection
like dark thick oak beams
of a ruin: a cottage
with no thatched roof.



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