December 2, 2014


Atri Majumder (born 1993) resides at Kolkata, India. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in English Literature from University of Calcutta.He has two published anthologies-Shadow of Light(2012) and Visible Infinity(2014).


Why do we compare

When we don’t want to change?

The root of the future

Is never the present,

Nor the past;

It’s  just another comparison.

And if we could only learn

How to not turn back,

And if we could only be more regular

In our irregularities,

And if we could only see;

And just see.


Did you include me?
Did you remember me,
While remembering?

An eidetic nostalgia
Unfaithful it its fidelity;
That sting of white scars.

I can’t help thinking,
While remembering
Are you there too?

Visions and Revisions

A ripple spreading like wildfire,
A mirage on the mirror-away, near.

A candle flickering in the sun,
A desire unfurling-yet undone.

~Atri Majumder

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