February 28, 2015


Born and raised in India. Worked in Middle East and London. Daughter, wife and sister, aspiring to be known in the space of poetry as someone who weaves magic into language and combines unique design and strong color to her work of art.  

In this issue: Oneiric Alms

Oneiric Alms  

An advantaged fray in the shamiana
The beggar ragged watched in awe
As the magician drew gasps
As a robin flew out of his sable hat
Into the stands thundering now
'Purge memories could he
Those guillotine my mind?
Letting them drift like florets of a dandelion?’

The orange clementine peeled itself
Emptying pulp in the magician’s throat
How refreshing and how so smooth
Snaking down to his peaceful soul
‘Conjure up could he just one small drink  
That unbeckons my eternal thirst?’

The roll call followed next
As the conjurer rattled off names
Of all mortals seated
‘Don't I exist in flesh for this world
Pray reveal could you my unfortunate name?’

The game of cards drew the final applause,
As the pack turned to stacks, neat bills of dollar,
‘Pray you take my poor begging bowl
And turn it into a shiny dollar coin?
One square meal so my soul can relish,
Sparing orts for the next fated deal!’

~Sudha Srivatsan

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