February 1, 2015


Sasha Kasoff is a published poet, fantasy writer, and aspiring teacher. Having recently returned from studying abroad in Ireland, she is currently attending University of the Pacific earning her BA in English with plans to continue her studies in creative writing as a graduate next year. Her poetry can be found in two self-published books as well as in anthologies, magazines, and other literary presses. Look for her on Goodreads.

3 Poems:  Addiction, Lonesome Morning, Love Is  


I have heard addiction defined as
Something you love more than life
For some it is a bottled gleam
Clear as water
For some it’s a pack
Of small death sticks
That fit in your fingers
And fill your lungs
For some, a powder
White as snow
For some it is sweeter
Syrupy, sugary, colorful

I am addicted
To the finer things in life
Sleeping in on a cold day
The smell of coffee
Baking (and then eating) muffins
Hearing a friends laughter

For me addiction is words
Whispered, sung, written, read
It is the light of a story
Shining through someone
As they sculpt the air with their arms

I am addicted
To his voice
I crave the reassurance
Of his cerulean eyes
The shape of his smile
As fascinating as the moon
A crown of almond hair
Shelters an extraordinary mind
The way clouds cap the sky

Although your gaze reflects the sea
And mine is rooted in the earth of mountains
We see eye to eye
Both vast, noteworthy
We dance along the shore together
Frolicking in the sand 
Hopelessly addicted 

Lonesome Morning

Early morning
Between two heats
The small bundle of radiating fur
The smooth curve of your skin
My hand resting lightly on your thigh
Glowing with sleepiness
My blood betraying me
Painfully aware
Of this precious moment
I separate
Chisel myself out
Of the bed-rock
Movements miserable
Committing myself awake
I start the coffee
Pour the cereal
Muzzily gather my laid out things
Desperately kiss your drowsy lips
Pull myself away
Resettle the blankets
As you snuggle together
Over my absence
Quietly I walk
Into the cold blue porch
Shut up my heart
As I lock the door
And drive away
Into the lonely sunrise

Love Is

Often, only the surface of love is skimmed
With obvious words
Warm, precious, tingling,
With butterflies on cloud nine
Your soar on its wings
But deeper,

Down –
Underneath –
There is more –
To love

It brews
In the coffeepot
It drips
Off the drying dishes on the rack
It wiggles in our dogs tail
Whenever we get back
- Home –
Is full of love
Spilling out into the driveway
We take it with us
Long drives overflow with it
It streams behind the car
Like a shower of sparks
Bright orange flares
A swirl of golden ribbons
Unfurl like ink bleeding into water

Love is an unmade bed
Blueberry pancakes in the morning
With muffins for dinner

Love is the pain
Of smiling too much
Of arguing
Because I want you to have the last bite
Because I want to pay this time
Because my happiness
Is nowhere near as important as yours

Love is not delicate
As a bird perched on your finger
As you hold your breath
In fear
If you treat it that way
You will hurt its wings
It will flap away
To crash elsewhere

Love is not strong
As mountains or tall trees
If you treat it that way
When the tree falls
When the earth shakes
You will be hopelessly broken
Your world will fall apart

Love is not always changing
Like the sea
Or the clouds overhead
If you treat it that way
You will be dissatisfied
After too many nice days
Without a storm

Is what you make of it
Everyone needs a different balance
A particular spice
A certain ingredient
When two wholes make a bigger element
When the two chemicals only react together
And both change
That is love

Real, equal, stunning love  
Is rare and marvelous
Its grip is not tight
There is no tide
No lurch
As you are pulled off your feet
It is like the air
Like water for the fish
All around you
So faint you barely notice
Save that the submersion
Adds a brighter gleam to life

Deep down –
Love is the serene
Unworried grin
Your heart wears
When you let go
Of all your fears

~Sasha Kasoff

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