September 4, 2015


R. Sebastian Bennett's writing has been nominated for two Pushcart Prizes and appeared in Indiana Review, Texas Review, George Washington Review, Los Angeles Review, The Southwestern Review, Connecticut Review, and American Book Review.

He taught Creative Writing at U.C.L.A. and the University of Louisiana, and directed the Creative Writing program at Muskingum University in Ohio.  Presently, he teaches Writing at Broward College in Florida. 


Bhoun’s a domestic
some call her a “scurvy”
she wears toeless shoes
in a pattern less Druid
than ancient forsaken
so time may not measure
the action of calling
delighting the fashion
of geese on the prairie
so foolishly squawking
of wholesome self-loathing
and sequined accessories
cut sharply and barely
excising the skin
from the first of six layers
leaving only the redness
for salve from the prayers
of all doctors and lawyers
from corporate transduction
and actually feeling the bulk
of compression on spinal discs
seven and eight’s herniation

Can we not wallow without dedication?

~R. Sebastian Bennett

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