September 4, 2015


Daniel Giovinazzo is a graduate of Hartwick College.  In addition, he received an MFA from Lesley University in Creative Writing.  An emerging voice, Daniel has supported his writing by working as a house-painter, landscaper, mason-tender, line-cook, greenhouse keeper, and public educator.  LOW culminated from thirteen years of getting up early, staying up late, and reading The Philosophical Review


Oh, how good to me you have been.
And, lately, you know you’re my only honest friend.
Would walk miles to let your walls build around me.
Should sit hours to feel your quiet sounds find me.
Oh, how you don’t ask questions.
Nor wonder how jaded I’ve become.
Now I sit in the crowds, reading.
In the Reading Room.
Reading the letters of your name.   
In the Reading Room.
Over and over again.
As I sit, waiting.
For her to take me home
And fix my words.
I’ll run but she don’t follow, yet.
Too soon, too short— too young…
But I’ll keep working.
Until she comes and finds me.
Blind.  I’m blind.
Until she comes and finds me.
    I’ll be reading in the
    I’ll be reading in the
        Reading room…


Gunsmoke, Marshall.
Have pen Will Travel…
But, for me, I know
It’s more like
Little House on the Prairie.
Explicit instruction.
Key elements.
Precision. Precise.
Sensations.  Affections. Images.
Thoughts.  Help me,
change machine shop.
I know I speak like a green girl.
Polonius said so.
Or, was it Guilderstern.
I am.
Not going to give up.
Oppositional.  Forces.
Sting like a calid laser pointer.
Cut like a needle, jigsaw—
Puzzled.  I’ve fallen to
Pieces.  In conjunction, with,
I know, I’ve
Got it made— in
the shade.  That’s why
I try to give it away.
My insignificant brain fragments, away
for free in the subway.  Away.
A formal justification:
DEFENSE against the first thought.
An expression of regret
or wrong.
Service.  Thank
You.  For.  Your.
Service.  Thank you
For.  For your serve—
Thank you for your service…
And, please forgive me
for my lackadaisical imagery…

~Daniel Giovinazzo

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