October 4, 2016

Three Poems by Adam Levon Brown: "Fuzzy Repentence," "Phoenix in Chains," and "Bella Morte"

Adam Levon Brown is a published author, poet, amateur photographer, and cat lover. He is owner of Madness Muse Press; a micro-press that publishes dark poetry, and a book reviewer for Five 2 One Magazine. He has been published in the Burningword Literary Journal, Corvus Review, and Yellow Chair Review. Adam can be contacted via his website at www.AdamLevonBrown.org where he offers free poetry resources. Also see his press at www.Madnessmusepress.com. The poems "Phoenix in Chains" and "Bella Morte" first appeared in his chapbook, “These Streets Don’t Cry For Us,” available from Amazon.

James Hubbard_Cycle of Life_Linocut.jpg

"Cycle of Life”  Linocut. James Hubbard, Indiana printmaker and IN/A Members Chairman

Fuzzy Repentance

inside the certainty
of numb pain

Colluded with
Niagra-like nihilism
which nails knives
of neurotic niceties
to my knees

Splitting apart
fuzzy atoms that
stick to the inside
of my scarred

Met with pain,
grief and melding
of minds which lacerates
the corpulent flesh of destiny
intertwined with chance

I give in to the urge
to quit long enough
to scream your name
and I'm met with silence.

Phoenix in Chains

Your words set
me ablaze
as I am the kindling
you threw in the fire
to keep you warm

The winter months
of rumination came
fast and violent

You had no choice
but to sacrifice your
only loved one
to keep the demons at bay

From the ashes, I will
gather what strength
is left and use my
fiery corpse to
keep you warm
for but one more night.

Bella Morte

Dear Death,
Open your mold-ridden door
and let my light shine through.

You bow to no one
and take from everyone;
make me your confidant.

You are the darkness
who envelopes the
forgotten and lost

You are the void
within the psyche
where dark meets light

You are the broken
synapse contained
in the third eye of
the blistering unknown.

Dear Death, open your blackened
doors to the light
that is contained within
my phoenix of faith.

Dear Death, open
up your doors;
share your secrets.
I am not afraid.

~Adam Levon Brown

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