October 4, 2016

October 2016 Issue #27

"Hope Realized" 18 x 24 by David Cunningham

Welcome to the October 2016 issue of Indiana Voice Journal. I am honored to present the work of so many amazing visual artists, and award winning authors in one issue. Our contributors voices sound out from all parts of the world, but our featured visual artist this month is David Cunningham, who resides in Indiana. Be sure to check out his work, as well as the many other poetic voices gracing this  issue of IVJ. 

As many of you know, on February 15, 2016 we published an ekphrastic edition featuring the artwork of Shameeg van Schalkwyk, a 25 year-old self-taught visual artist from the Cape Flats in South Africa, with poets responding to his art. I'm happy to report that since that time, Shameeg was offered an endowment from a benefactor, Doctor Nanda Sooben, and has been attending school. A moving tribute to Doctor Sooben, crafted by author Bilkis Moola, is included in this issue.

 I wish you all a safe, beautiful Autumn season, and a Happy Halloween. ~Janine Pickett


A Poem by Joseph K. Wells: "Eternity"
Two Poems by Natalie Crick: "Dear Sister," and "The Murmuring"
Two Poems by Grayson Spaw: "Mantis" and "Childhood Cul-de-sac"
Four Poems by Judy Moskowitz:  "Modigliani," "Once Upon a Time," "Band of Gold," and "Boogieman Dreams"
Four Poems by Lynda McKinney Lambert: "Insight," "Zen Enlightenment," “An Afternoon Embroidery Lesson,” and “Appalachian Alchemy"
A Poem by Lucia Walton Robinson: "Hand-Me-Downs: A Sestina for Graggy"
Three Untitled Poems by Simon Perchik
Three Poems by Ted Mc Carthy: "Eggs," "Dalkey in November," and "Kilcloon"
A Poem by Milton Montague: "Bless My Recliner"
Four Poems by Todd Outcalt: "Doodling," "Venice in the Rain," "Art in Florence," and "Singing the Blues"
Two Poems by David Allen: "Halloween" and "Halloweeks"
Two Poems by Debasish Parashar: "Keep a Vigil With the Corpses," and "Of Promises, Markets and Memories"
Three Poems by Isabel Chenot: "Fallen Leaves," "7:30," and "Isaiah 27:1"
Three Poems by Kara D. Spain: "Waiting on Fall," "Winter's Love," and "The Path We Walked"
Three Poems by Alan Britt: "Wishing I Lived in Montana," "Party at Watson's," and "Invisible Sounds of Cinco de Mayo, 10 a.m."
Three Poems by Dan Jacoby: "Sleeping Sycamores," "Upton Cemetery," and "Chance Meeting"
Three Poems by Ken Allan Dronsfield: "The Leaves Wink," "Athenaeum of Dreams," and "Penny's Last Quarter"
Three Poems by Adam Levon Brown: "Fuzzy Repentence," "Phoenix in Chains," and "Bella Morte"
Three Poems by Denise C. Buschmann: "Charlie Brings Nora to Visit, August 7, 2015," "Reality Jolt," and "Worth by Different Standards"
A Poem by Jennifer Criss: "Come Hither"


A special thank you to visual artists Fabrice B. Poussin, and James Hubbard for their photography and artwork used throughout this issue of Indiana Voice Journal.


CNF/Essay by Jenny Sturgill: "The Moon's Spell"

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