October 4, 2016

Flash Fiction by JD DeHart: "The Trope Hopper"

JD DeHart is a writer and teacher.  His chapbook, The Truth About Snails, is available on Amazon.

The Trope Hopper

There is a wedding dress hanging in my future.  I just know.  Of course, there are worse endings to have.  It all depends on the kind of story you are in. 

I could be headed for a dynastic tragedy.  Although, to be honest, none of my uncles seem to be shady characters.  They are just prodding and rhythmic.

On the way to my plot-point job, I notice some kids playing very, very close to the edge of the page.  I warn them to stay away from the gutter, but they just laugh at me.  I pass many characters.  Some are rounded and I know them well, while others are flat and rarely speak to me.

On my lunch hour, there’s a phone call and I know this is just another step in setting up the wedding.  Perhaps I could jump out the window.  As I reach, the window disappears.  Great, now I have a windowless office.  Should have known better.

It would be nice to flip ahead in these pages, but I am chained to this space, anchored to this line, and can only enjoy the sound of other people turning them over.

~JD DeHart 

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