November 3, 2016

A Poem by Donna Arthur Downs: "Autumn Moments"

Donna Arthur Downs is an associate professor and co-chair of the Communication department at Taylor University. She has taught various writing, public relations and media courses since 2001 and advises the award-winning student newspaper, The Echo. She is the mother of two faithful sons and the grandmother of two remarkable grandchildren. Downs graduated with an Ed.D from Ball State University.

leaves 2.jpg
Photo by Jennifer Criss

Autumn Moments

Ghosts and goblins, pumpkin heads, witches riding brooms–
Telling scary stories in dimly lighted rooms–
Sitting ‘round the campfire, hot-dog-roasting fumes–
These are autumn moments . . .
vividly in bloom.

Leaves raked high from autumn trees, fiery golds and reds–
Jumping deeply in the pile, covering our heads–
Darker mornings, shorter days, quicker “off-to-beds”–
These precious autumn moments
gently ‘round us tread.

Apple cider, hot or cold; homemade pumpkin pie–
Autumn scents through window screens; harvest time is nigh–
Fodder shocks and hayrides; scarecrows standing high–
These are autumn moments–
never let them die.

~Donna Arthur Downs

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