September 13, 2017

Three Poems by Teresa Roberts:"Nature Erotica," "Little Yeses" and "Gypsy Soul"

Teresa Roberts is a writer and a wanderer. She's the author of "Finding the Gypsy in Me," "Tales of an International House Sitter and Creative Paths to Freedom," "How to Live Your Dream Life ASAP."  Her latest book, "Have We Been Screwed? / Trading Freedom for Fairy Tales" is available on Amazon. Teresa has lived all over the world and now resides during the winter in Spain. She notes: "I was bitten by wanderlust many years ago. I was also born with an independent spirit. That might explain my gypsy soul."

Nature Erotica

Now I lay me down
upon the meadow green
and wait upon the wind
to caress my skin
All of me as vulnerable
as the day I was born
Removing everything I've worn
my shoes sit side by side
with the dress of indigo blue
A mound of colorful hues
Undergarments tossed carelessly about
Wriggling toes point skyward
as a little shout of delight
escapes throat and lips
while gentle fingertips
tangle with the daisy
Immersed in golden rays
deliciously slow and lazy
Sunshine warms my belly
A ladybug strolls across my breast
While through a slit of the eyelid
I see a dragonfly rushing by
My legs go soft and loose
Arms flung above my head
Freed from fear and dread
my spirit lifts and soars
Far above the clouds I dance
Lost in a cosmic romance

Little Yeses

Under the moon
Behind the pines
Beside the lake
In the dusky light
Brandy wine breezes
Ruffling your hair
I kissed you there
Beneath the sun
On a winding path
In a tunnel of oaks
Upon the softness of grass
With the press of love
Upon our skin
I invited you in

Gypsy Soul

I'm a woman
but born to roam
I'm a gypsy
the world my home
I'm a witch
so they say
I live my life
my own way
I'm fearless
without regrets
I'm curious
I hedge my bets
I'm everything
they once told me
a woman
should never be
I'm a wanderer
a poet of life
free while still
someone's wife
I'm a music maker
I write the songs
and there's nothing
about me that's wrong
I'm a queen
whose generosity
is built upon freedom
for all, you see
I'm a woman
but born to roam
I'm a gypsy
the world my home.

© Teresa Roberts

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