July 6, 2018

Three Poems by Adam Sedia: "Evening Sun", "Dahlia", and "Interchange"

Adam J. Sedia (b. 1984) lives in his native Lake County, Indiana, with his wife, Ivana, and their son. He practices law as a civil and appellate litigator, and in 2017 served as president of the Lake County Bar Association. His poems have appeared in Indiana Voice Journal and other publications, and he has published two books of poetry, The Spring's Autumn and Inquietude, both available on Amazon.com. He also composes music, which may be heard on his YouTube channel.

Evening Sun
Orb suspended low to westward,
Glowing with a rosy blush
Like a ripened pomegranate
Drooping languid, large, and lush –

Noontide’s blinding glare has dwindled;
Now I look you in the eye.
Back you gaze, no longer blazing,
Stoically resigned to die;

Sinking through the purple heavens
Where magenta cloudscapes swell;
Smiling on the weary millions,
Calmly bidding them farewell.

Do not go! Your scarlet embers
Cast the light that comforts most,
Solace that your presence lingers
Still, so shortly to be lost.


Elegant lady, exquisitely donned
In folds of high couture,
Staid, proud aristocrat, gazing beyond
The stares admiring her;

Reticent guardian, wrapping her truths
Behind uncracking poise,
Flawless demeanor that scatters and soothes
The world of flash and noise;

Glamorous maiden, exotic and rare,
Versed in white sorcery,
Spells that allure and enthrall all who dare
To pierce her secrecy;

Her gaze, her strange beauty,
Have caught me, ensnared me,
And fixed me deep in trance,

Transcending, unfolding
The cosmos, beholding
Forever in a glance


Where endless tall and tight defiles
Of leafy cornstalks stroked and kissed
By August’s balmy breeze

Spread far across the empty miles,
A monster rears up in their midst
Like kraken from the seas,

A stone colossus, out of place,
A long, gray dragon curled in coils,
Doubling back and forth.

It pulses with a rhythmic pace,
It belches fumes; it sweats thick oils;
It growls and groans and roars.

Or giants maybe tied a knot
Of steel and concrete – spread with tar,
Striped, and propped on stilts –

Uniting two strands stretching out
Unbent until they vanish far
Beyond the silent fields.

Adam J. Sedia

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