July 6, 2018

Two Poems by Bruce Mundhenke: "Better Things" and "Understanding"

Bruce Mundhenke has worked a laborer and a registered nurse. He writes poetry in Illinois, where he lives with his wife and their dog and cat. He finds in nature beauty, inspiration, and revelation. He has published fiction and poetry in the U.S. and the UK.

Better Things

The pain that touched us
Taught us,
From our misery we learned,
We wish no one
The pain we felt,
We know that fire burns.
We always hope for better things,
For all who sojourn here,
We would not add
To pain they've known,
Or have them live in fear.
But how can we warn others,
And who would ever hear,
It seems that most choose darkness,
And instead of love, choose fear.


Do you remember the last time you cried,
And what those tears were for?
Did you shed them for yourself,
Or others you have known?
The sadness that then touched your heart,
A wound that never bled,
Did you feel sorry for yourself,
Or for someone else?
Did those tears just fill your eyes,
Or come forth like falling rain?
That sadness finally went away,
All things come and go,
But somehow left you wiser,
Than you had been before.

Bruce Mundhenke

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