July 6, 2018

July/August 2018, Issue #40

"Sundog-Guardian of the Sun" Acrylic on Canvas/IVJ

Evening Sun
Orb suspended low to westward,
Glowing with a rosy blush
Like a ripened pomegranate
Drooping languid, large, and lush –
Noontide’s blinding glare has dwindled;
Now I look you in the eye.
Back you gaze, no longer blazing,
Stoically resigned to die;
Sinking through the purple heavens
Where magenta cloudscapes swell;
Smiling on the weary millions,
Calmly bidding them farewell.
Do not go! Your scarlet embers
Cast the light that comforts most,
Solace that your presence lingers
Still, so shortly to be lost.
©Adam Sedia

In This Issue: 
A mother ponders the best way to help her son through addiction. A couple contemplates a mattress found leaning against a tree. A man ensures his daughter's wedding will happen without a hitch. A doctor asks his patient, "How are you still alive?"  What do all these people have in common? They are just a few of the characters residing in the pages of this issue of IVJ. I hope you enjoy the read! ~Janine Pickett



An Essay by Christopher Woods: "Passage"
An Essay by Allison Staley: "On Insecurity"
An Essay by Angel Grubbs: "What Kind of Freak am I?"
An Essay by Charles E.J. Moulton: "One Day, Rock will be Classical Music"
A Memoir by Barbara McLaughlin: "Boylston Street"


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