April 4, 2015


Lisa is a new graduate from Purdue University Calumet with a BA in Arts (Spanish International Studies). She is just getting her life started and writing is something she loves to do.


Infected Heart

Those sweet lips of December,
Feeling the warmth from the embers.
Tis true,
Your lips make my headache disappear,
More of this I want is my wish, my dear.

You infected me.
How did you do this to me?
Now my heart is infected,
But there is still the fear of rejection.

I know I am taken
By the wrong guy,
Am I mistaken?

You’re sweet and gentle
You smell so good.
Your skin is so soft,
I want to touch it more and more.

So sweet I had to stop;
Force was all I got.
It can be addicting

Those sweet, innocent lips
Infecting my butterflies
That leave my body swift.

Now how did this happen?    
Can it be?
That you have infected me

Best friends are better, Probably
Because God only knows what the future will bring.

Either way,
The only thing I have to say,
“your sweet love has infected me.”

I feel as if you knocked me a strayed,
The words from your breath
sweep me so far away,
Into this deep feeling,
that one,
Anyone will appreciate.
Infatuation is a crux,
And I know I am stuck
On you, all because you
Infected my heart.

We’re so connected in almost every way,
There’s no chance we will part our separate ways.
God put you in my life just last winter,
Let’s be friends for life, wont you mister?

I can’t stop writing,
You’re pulling too hard,
My heart strings are fighting
My infected heart.

I know it’s a dream
That I can get stuck inside,
But oh my, I am happy this way.
I forgot how happy one can be
For suicide almost got the best of me.

Now I can see what you TRULY mean
When you say, “the idea of me” is what you NEED.
That is alright that you feel that way,
I do too, but in a different shade.

Our friendship is the best thing ever
I want it to last forever.
Good friends now
Best friends later.
Oh the possibilities
How they are greater.

This poem from the heart I cannot bare
For tis not fair
For either of us,
But still, should we embrace this lust?

I just want love
Have needed it for so long
But these feelings are, oh so strong.
I must defeat it or it’ll get to me
Infected heart, be free!

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