April 4, 2015


Ana Déborah F. do Canto is a 21 years old college student from Brazil.


“Shhhh!” she said. Her eyes shined in the darkness of the bedroom and I laughed even more.
She put her hand over my mouth. Our eyes met, she smiled and whispered:
“Will you be quiet if I tell you a story?”

I agreed with my head. She freed my mouth and lay by my side in her bed.
“I want the story about the kiss.”
She sighed, knowing that hear that story was my intention all the time. For me, she was a princess and her life the only fairy tale I wanted to know.
A few minutes passed before the bathroom door be closed and our parents went to sleep. She turned to me and started to tell.
I lay by her side, almost falling from the hospital bed. I didn't care. Our children went to have lunch, and we are alone in the bedroom.
“When we were kids, I used to lay in your bed moving myself until you agree to tell me about your life, especially the things you didn't want mom and dad to know. We spent hours talking when we should be sleeping. When the sun rose we came back to our lives of teenager and little young sister. But the nights were ours. Were the best nights of my life. “
I closed my eyes and sighed, holding the tears. She wouldn't see them, but I didn't want to do anything that could make her feel my sadness.
“I am going to be back tonight. I had to bribe a nurse, but it is worth. It is my time to tell a story.”
That night was ours. I tell her every secret I had, every detail of everything that had happened to me. In a moment I saw a little smile on her face. She was in a coma, but I believe in that smile.
That night was our goodbye.

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