April 4, 2015


Anthony La Flame is a short story fiction writer who is currently studying for his B.A. in English, His first short story has appeared in Fictionmagazines: Under the Bed. Some of his works in-progress projects include flash fiction and short story pieces. Born in Washington State, he currently resides in Pennsylvania.

Blue Sunrise
He opened his eyes and looked to the eastern sunrise.
When did I get outside? Why is the sun so warm?
Its creamy colors blended the surrounding horizon in yellows and whites, oranges. It resembled the swirl you get when you add in creamer to a cup of coffee, right before you stir it. The hot center of the sun looked blue-green to his eyes, like he had been staring at the sun for too long.
It’s too bright. Why can’t I look away?
The sun grew closer, the blue-green consuming more of his vision. His peripheral vision eegrayed, as if someone had been pushing down on the side of his eyes. He saw stars. The creamy colors faded within the blue-green and gray. Pressure pushed down on his cranium. Something hissed, whistled, and smelled like smoke and bone. The warmth grew. There was no pain, just a numbness that made him feel like he was swimming.
There was a sudden snap and the pressure that was crushing his skull immediately relieved itself. His vision was completely blue-green now. The sun was hotter. The heat ran down his cheeks and chin like a river. He wanted to taste the rays of the sun against his tongue.
My mouth won’t move?
He tried to move his lips to speak; nothing came, not even the low vibrations of his voice box. He felt lighter now, painless, like he was sitting in a pool of cool water.
The blue green faded and the horizon came into focus again. Except it wasn’t a horizon anymore, but dark and blue, bubbly. The sun was gone now. What he saw made him want to blink. Except he couldn’t blink. He couldn’t look away. There were no eyelids to shut, no lips to scream, no legs to run, no arms to cower behind.
Long, gray-skinned fingers bent and contorted on the other side of the blue bubbly haze. He realized then, they took everything away from him.
Blue eyes looked in on him, now a brain and brown eyes floating in a cylindrical container.
“A fine specimen,” the doctor said.


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