April 4, 2015


Abraham Ogebe Adonduwa is a writer of poetry and short stories and has been published in a few international literary journals and magazines, Origami and OntheRusk amongst them. He hopes to publish more poems and more stories about his beloved home Nigeria, and he also hopes to take out time to travel more, which is another thing he loves almost as much as writing.


I walk with Adanne,


Down the river side

She clasps her index finger around mine

It wraps it the way vine does a tree

Her tender touch evokes memories

Of a time when as kids

We buried our tooth in the dirt

So that a new one could grow in its place

and hid inside my parents’ garage

where she lifted up her skirt

And showed me herself.

I remember the first kiss we shared

Her lips warm and parting

Mine cold and pressing...

Down the river an object floats

She stoops to pick up the heart shaped leaf

And I see stretch marks ride out

From her butt crack like fault lines

I try to snatch the leaf from her

She giggles and attempts to draw back

But I already held on to a fraction

So it splits in half.


Suddenly, one fine morning,

A bird approached my window

As I sat staring at the rising sun

It’s black and yellow colours fascinated me

That and the defiance in the way it stared right back

As if to say; I dare you to catch me.

If I was a bird

I too could visit any window of my choosing

On any particular morning

And stare back at a total stranger

Not caring that it’s rude and intrusive

Unafraid, because I know that he is not fast enough to catch me

Weighed down as he is by all that flesh and bone

And fear of the drop down below

If he manages to get off at all

While I simply flap my wings and fly sky high

So far from his reach before he blinks an eye,

So far from any threat to my existence,



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