August 1, 2015


Cecilia Soprano lives in Westchester County and makes her living as an organic gardener and artist.   Her poems and artwork have been published in La Joie magazine and UC at Santa Barbara among others.  Her artwork is often featured on the covers of Inner Directions magazine. 

She is a member of the Greenwich Art Society and the Katonah Museum Art Association.  She has published three small books and has had several one woman art exhibits.  Her love of nature and gardening provides the space for uninterrupted inspiration.  Her intention is to make images and words that describe beauty and uplift the human spirit.   My art is about making the simple sacred and the ordinary extra-ordinary.
"The reason why we exist is to remember why we exist and to realize our interconnectedness with all things."    WEBSITE: or


Old Structures             

Tattered grey cob webs

Wave from the rafters

Gold dust fills the sunbeam

Streaming through

the cracked pane.

Empty troughs

Vacant  stalls.

Musty scented hay

scattered on the floor

Horse sweat,

breath, and manure.

Earlier times that

bind me,

find me

standing at the old

barn door.


When the sky dawns pink

Where cougars crouch to drink

When the soil sweats dew

When clouds whiten blue

Where the thunder boils sound

When lightening stings the ground

Where river waters drain

When the sky cries rain

Where the valley sinks low

Where the deer steps slow

When the winds lift wings

Where the thrush branch to sing

Where the aspen sway and lean

Where the meadows spike green

Where the poppies flash red

Where the grasses form a bed

When movement slows to cease

When I gather in the peace

When sun fades to the west

Where my body folds to rest

When a prayer from my lips


“Thank you God, for this.”

~Cecilia Soprano

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