August 1, 2015



Hameeta Kaur Malhotra is a student of M.A. English at Panjab University campus, Chandigarh, India


Confined Parakeet

Listen, Oh! cruel rulers
For what I’m being confined
Am I accused of being a killer
Neither a liar nor a theft
Or I haven’t paid any of your debt.

Oh! Please I beg you
My words are true
I am not at fault
Unchain me I want to go home
My chicks will die unless
Hungry since dawn and now its dusk
In fields there is only husk

I can hear and feel
They are weeping
Oh! Please set me free
The day is leaping.

Don’t get mesmerized on my beauty
Let me do my duty.

Lonesome Tree

Taken all my companions and friends
To somewhere for their trends
From far away came fools
With them there were sharpened tools.

Unhesitatingly fragmented my owns
With their greedy tones
Left only me as space was no more
Otherwise they wouldn’t have left me for sure.

Alone, I am here in this fresh grave
They axed me as a slave.
Left here only to cry and waiting for the day
When I will get dry.

And a Poet was born

When my eyes got moist with unhappy memories
When I’m inspired by muses or cornered by a tormenting agony
That compels me to spill out my feelings in words.

I lace words with intense sadness
As I look back into the dark recesses of life
Whenever I’m miserable
The pain suffocates me
In excruciating agony I take a pen
and a paper to scribble something
There was something crying within me
And when it was let out

That was my poetry
And a poet in me was born

~Hameeta Kaur Malhotra

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