August 1, 2015


 Sunil Kumar Poudyal is a poet, writer and journalist from Nepal (Country of Mt. Everest-South Asia). His poem, Earthquake, was written under stress while the quakes were still happening in Nepal.


Earthquake! unnecessarily strong you are
You destroy everything not only scratch
from above the sky, looks down the star
and finds everything  devastated afar

Strangers come, leave and hardly return
Nepal Earthquake Aftermath
Kinfolks come, leave and again turn
Kinfolks never to the relatives, do harm
may be some strangers work as charm

but some strangers come with horror
terror they extend with bad temper
they escape feeling happy with it
never again they are there seen

you come like a kinfolk though
never go without a strong blow
why do you  cast terror, destruction?
never ever a trace of construction

Therefore never come to the earth
I curse you die as our mirth
Which has died because of you
Neither you build nor do you rue 

~Sunil Kumar Poudyal

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