April 5, 2016

A Poem by Emile Stieffel IV: "My Reality"

Emile Stieffel IV  is a student majoring in secondary education - English at University of Detroit Mercy. Website:  http://stieffel.weebly.com/

My Reality

Uneasiness looms over my head.
Ticking clocks’ and gears’ incessant grinding
takes the place of every thought.
Fear of the cold drives me to this madness,
this timeless hell.

When life is new, everything illuminates the night.
Free of care, free of worry, nothing can stop.
Past the blindfold, there is another world
The unknown whispers its familiar voice
and reminds me that its always there.

Where are my blue skies?
The grass around me bleeds faded colors.
The happiness of this cracking painting
chips away, day by day
renewing my fear of this emptiness.

As I struggle to hold on, my fingers strain
The land is ripped from under me,
but I will find it!
Just give me the chance,
Let me reclaim the lost ground,
and I will show you that world
so full of color once more.

That world beyond the blindfold

I remove the cover from my eyes
and see that land of shadow, cold, and death
was never truly there.
This life
This sky
This grass
is always new and I will never again
fear the void.

Emile Stieffel IV

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