April 5, 2016

Three Poems By Julia Hones: "Life Changes", "Fear is the heart running away", and "Garden Soul"

My poetry and stories have appeared in a vast array of literary journals and anthologies including Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Embodied Effigies, Loud Zoo, The Medical Literary Messenger, The Voices Project, Coffee Shop Poems, Mother Bird, Digital Papercut, Vox Poetica, The Artistic Muse, and many others. To learn more about my list of published or forthcoming material you can check my literary blog.

Life changes

She relinquished the wish
to walk barefoot on the grass
since the mice invaded the garden.

It is still her habit
to let her thoughts fly high,
where nobody can reach them.
Only the robins spy on them
on clear days ,
when their warble
paints new homes for empty  nests.

She does not even hear
the roar of the mowers
for the murmurs of nature overpower them.
She evades the pegs as well as the hints
while she delves into riveting goals
to build up secret puzzles
and pursue the route
that remains elusive
to those who confuse
their sluggish dreams with lazy claims.

Fear is the heart running away

Fear is the heart running away
in the futile attempt
to meditate on a candle,
its flicker melting
into a deluge of emotions that totter the soul.

To fear is to head towards the doors
that open onto tunnels without ends,
where light does not know how to exist.

Garden soul

The cat entered
through the open gates.
She left them open, oh!
What a disgrace.

In the garden
the skittish creature
found himself bewildered,
intoxicated by the quiet stare of flowers in bloom,
puzzled by the seasons,
soaked in ruthless rain.
With his open wounds he beguiled the crows,
frightened as he was
he stepped on the furrows,
hooked the butterflies to a puissant ploy.
His wounds recoiled into the embrace of the breeze,
then glimmered at night to suffuse the stars.

It was a disgrace to open those gates.
~Julia Hones

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