April 5, 2016

Poems by Joan Payne Kincaid: "In Memorium", "The Best Time of Year", " Afterward ll", and "Spring"

Joan's latest book Being Here New and Selected Poems 1988-2012 is now available here there and on Amazon.  She also has an on-line book with John M. Bennett: Now Blank Sky.https://archive.org/details/NOWBLANKSKYKincaidBennett.doc (15 years in the works). Joan has been published in a wide variety of magazines and journals.

In Memorium

End with a parade park celebration loud speakers remember picnic
Ohio Northport everywhere baskets sandwiches baseball always

Predictable rain or shine  come join- in  trumpet  drum roll salute
The dead again in battle or not party-on.

The Best Time of Year

What vanished afterward out in sweet spring air
Bird song identify hawks following their hide- and- seek

Feathers grass   spatial images longer daze  catkins cloud images
Blow floral stamen salutation late sunset dinners on porches.

Afterward  II

The holidays are gone
which ones don’t matter
always dark afterward.
The downy woodpecker comes,
fat hidden in the birch.
All the nannies in town
are pushing other people’s
They thought the poems too long
yet not long enough to like.
Pink buds decorate the dogwood
gazing hypnotically at a green world.
We remember grandmother
newly placed against her will.
The month half gone
silent as  growing plants
a robin arrives.


Longer days bulbs sprouts insects equinox dandelions violets birds re-
turn no more winter coats picnics gentle rain birding planting dealing
with negative and positive nature encounters out and about exploration.

~Joan Payne Kincaid

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