July 7, 2016

Three poems by Lazola Pambo: "I Am of This Gender," "Sexual Discourse," and "The Dignity of Human Rights"

Lazola Pambo is a South African poet, novelist and essayist. His poems have been published in “The Kalahari Review,” “Aerodrome,” “New Coin,” “Nomad’s Choir,” “Black Magnolias Literary Journal,” “Sun & Sandstone,” and “Aji Magazine,” among others. You can follow him on Twitter @LPambo.



I Am Of This Gender

I am of this gender
which has been shunned by society
cursed and despised
as being immoral
I am of this gender
that lost the right to human dignity
cast-away and isolated
from social interaction
I am of this gender
perceived differently

Labelled as demonic 
forsaken by people of my country 
I am of this gender 
who cries at night 
so eager to be loved 
I am of this gender 
carrying these violent crooked scars 
in each day I conquer 
my life impediments 
I am of this gender 
masculine feminine

Sexual Discourse

In the land of Mother Africa 
my sexuality is a problem 
as I walk in the street 
erect strangers undress me 
I spent last year in hospital 
attacked by taxi drivers 
for wearing a short skirt

They said I was disrespectful 
an unlawful citizen 
tell me how can I change 
the essence of my sex? 
Is it even right to justify myself?

I remember on April Fool’s D
being punched in the face 
strapped with two black eyes 
in the middle of nowhere 
he wanted to rape me 
and all I could think about 
was my unborn baby

The Dignity of Human Rights

The value of human existence
should not end
in a Constitutional notebook 
above all things 
it should be transparent 
speaking to masses 
of the urban plus the rural 
limitation is death 
it should be our dignified right 
to live as we want 
marry the person of any colour 
dwell in a shelter 
which offers peace and happiness

The dignity of humanity 
is not a can of worms to obstruct
 it ought to reflect 
an unconditional love of life 
I should be free 
to embrace my sexual gender 
on the gallery walls 
of art exhibitions 
without Ministerial sanctions
 mankind is a jewel 
do not belittle him 
she must be cherished

~Lazola Pambo 


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