July 7, 2016

Two poems by P.J. Reed: "World in a Suitcase" and "Haiku Regarding Freedom"

P.J.Reed, of Devon, England, is a writer of speculative fiction, dark romantic poetry and emotive natural haiku. He has three books of poetry available on Amazon: The Wicked Come Haiku Nation, and Frozen Haiku. Professional Memberships: The United Haiku and Tanka Society Twyford Writers
 Websites: Deliciously Wicked Poetry    and     P.J. Reed - Facebook

World In A Suitcase
The amber lights smiled,
Blinked through the darkness
Sending coded messages of hope.

Grey aeroplane screamed,
A giant metallic albatross,
Soaring into secret skies.

World in a battered suitcase,
Can a terminal building,
Be her new beginning?

Excitement shines in dark eyes,
Hope flew with her across the seas
Following tall and resolute.

Haiku Regarding Freedom

unrequited love
climbers follow mountains call
bowing to the wind

little leaf floats away
on floodtails of surging stream
traveling paths unknown

~P. J. Reed

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