March 7, 2015


Cecilia Soprano lives in Westchester County and makes her living as an organic gardener and artist.   Her poems and artwork have been published in La Joie magazine and UC at Santa Barbara among others.  Her artwork is often featured on the covers of Inner Directions magazine.

She is a member of the Greenwich Art Society and the Katonah Museum Art Association.  She has published three small books and has had several one woman art exhibits.  Her love of nature and gardening provides the space for uninterrupted inspiration.  Her intention is to make images and words that describe beauty and uplift the human spirit.   My art is about making the simple sacred and the ordinary extra-ordinary.  

"The reason why we exist is to remember why we exist and to realize our interconnectedness with all things."    WEBSITE: or

Saturday morning    

I was painting
putting the colors to canvas
recharging from a hard week.
I noticed a familiar sound, 
your car 
turning on the gravel,
I figured it was just you.
The door
downstairs closed behind you.
I put my brushes down.
Heard you wiping your feet on the mat;
your footsteps clumping up the stairs
slow and easy.
I hurried to the kitchen to move the
piles of mail off the table.
As you entered,
I called out from the bedroom
putting on a fresh sweater.
 “I’ll be right there.”
It was just you
making casual conversation with the cat.
Just you, putting the tea water on to boil.
opening cabinet doors for the cups.
I guess my quiet time was
going to be cut short.
It was just like you to reply.
“It’s OK Honey, I’ll wait.”
I fussed, picking clothes off the floor.
Thinking.  “Do I really want this interruption?”
I dragged a comb through my hair at the mirror.
“You staying long?”
“Nope.” came the answer.
I walked into the kitchen.
and into your open arms.
You held me tight for a long moment.
I smelled the outdoors on your clothes
noticed 4 shiny brown acorns
placed on the table.
“So what’s the purpose of this visit?” I asked.
“Just you,” was your reply.
“Just you.”
"Monarch Butterfly" ©Cecilia Soprano

Wherever you go I want to be.

Guided by the orange sun
Who colors you.
Whom you trust
More than life.
The Sun
Who warms you
With a desire to fly
Home –
So very high.
Following no one
In the wide empty sky.

Wish-For, Fish-For

At the beach I saw a man
with a string connected to the sky 
letting go a large blue kite

At the beach I saw another man
with a line stretched out to the sea
reeling in a big blue fish

For the same want
The one man released on his string to the sky,
The other man reeled-in on his line from the sea….  

"Lily" ©Cecilia Soprano


Through the window, 
I saw her standing
tall and elegant

in the garden.
I  ran outside,
“Lily,  you finally arrived!
I have been waiting
since Spring!”
As I expected,
She never said a word,
But looked deeply into me
with her beautiful whiteness.
and graced me
with her exquisite fragrance 
of love.

~Cecilia Soprano 

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