March 8, 2015


 Eric Hill, born in Washington DC, was first photographed among the cherry blossoms. This, no doubt, forms the basis for his colorful politics and a life long pursuit of cherry pie. That his Grandfather was a minister, no doubt explains, his intense desire to find another way to God than Religion. His writing comes from his profound need to get this crazy stuff out of his head.

He has published with Black Wire,  Indiana Voice Journal, Rain/Disaster/Party, Ijagun Poetry Journal and Behhutet.


Words swarm through the mind like in a whirlwind - rushing

down our thought rivers and snapping synapse highways -

always flowing, going, knowing, telling like it is or just out right

lying - giving hope by searching solutions or conning - same

words – just the intent behind those words makes a difference

between pain or gain.

 Words are strung together sounds, which can be represented

by letters so we can write those words. Dictionaries define

these words to establish coherence that we can speak and be

sure of our meaning. Syntax and grammar give us fluidity and

beauty so that we can create sentences able to tell a story with

an emotional impact that can then be understood by those who

also abide in the same rules of the language. Those words can

now become sentences that then make paragraphs, chapters,

and whole books.

Only when we have a nomocracy of love can life be beautiful

and only when our will is set on beauty can true art obtain.

Every one of us establishes his own beauty, in his own way in

that it should achieve what we most esteem, value, and uphold.

True art needs no explanation but does demand an open mind

and an unbiased heart.

Possibility and ignorance are the same raw stone that can be

carved into a radiant diamond. Practice till you are proficient –

nothing else matters, then you are no longer an outsider but a



Ah so many words, how they fly through our thoughts, colorful

words, expletives, words of endearment – some stick by choice

others are forgotten or avoided.  Like choosing the word sick

over ill or diseased; I like the way it sounds: SICK snaps like the

crack of a whip, where as ill is distant and unsure. Diseased

sounds a warning reminding me of hissing snakes as I picture

grotesque rotting flesh.

So I gather several choice words and form a sentence and put it

out to the public and it goes into another’s brain like an app. in

a smart phone and starts operating. I suppose hate speech

would be analogous to ‘Mal-ware’.

This is for sure: words cause change.

The source of the word holds sway. “Crackers are the

problem!” would mean two entirely different things when

spoken by a civil rights worker as opposed to a nutritionist.

The power of words is so awesome as to warrant careful

consideration of their use as well as celebrate the fact that in

the US we have freedom of speech. Of course we can cite a

multiple of misuse of this right (in particular ‘bought’ speech)

but there is also the wonderful freedom of press and the heroic

publishers who pushed back at censors.

Finally let us look at the Gods of words: Hermes, Mercury,

Thoth, and Hanuman; known to be crafty, swift, clever but also

healers and philosophers. They represent dexterity of hands as

well as Magic, Alchemy, Science, Mathematics, Medicine and all

other higher learning. As a matter of fact the God of the

Hebrews created the universe with pronunciation of a word.


Watch your words.

~Eric Hill

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