March 7, 2015


Jan Marquart is a psychotherapist and author of eleven books. She has had her stories, poems, essays, and articles published on line and in print. She is a writing facilitator for Story Circle Network and uses writing as a therapeutic tool to resolve PTSD and other symptomatic illnesses. Jan can be reached through her site:

First Date
he leans back
picks his teeth
pushes away from the table
sticks out his gut
and boasts
blah blah blah
she remembers a book
she left open on her nightstand
crosses her legs
feigns a headache
he brags on
says he is good in bed

at the door, she shakes his hand
thanks him for dinner
shuts it behind her

he peels down the driveway
opens her book and
enters the world
miracles are made of


eggs rumble in boiling water
the pen is poised on the page
moves furiously
across its horizon
mourning doves coo in the wind
the day has begun

Blossoms Aren’t Late

I used to say I was a late bloomer
as I sat waiting for you
in a state of meantime
and busied myself with things
of passion.
In my 60’s
my petals have turned to compost
I think I am re-sprouting
having blossomed after all.

~Jan Marquart

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