July 1, 2015

Flash Essay By G David Schwartz: "July Shards: Darkness Is Not Only For Night, Its Also For A Drink"

G. David Schwartz - the former president of Seedhouse, the online interfaith committee. Schwartz is the author of A Jewish Appraisal of Dialogue and Midrash and Working Out Of The Book Currently a volunteer at the Cincinnati J Meals on Wheels, Schwartz continues to write.

His latest book is Shards And Stanzas  (2011, Publish America).

July Shards: Darkness Is Not Only For Night, Its Also For A Drink
July Shards 1.  I am not an aristocrat, but I am something like that, usually I'm a democrat.
2.  The Loch Ness monster has two hundred feet or more; I am not really shore.
3.  Cans contain and so do brains but when either are loose…. whats the use?  
4.  On your knees you get no disease, but you sure do fleas.  
5.  You can read the last page of a book and not get the gist of the writing. Hence the first and last page are similar.
6.  If seeing is believing do blind people believe nothing?
7.  Laughter is the best medicine for every noble and each Denison
8.  Stick your fork into a balloon (a balloon filled with air or helium) at a discussion group  and the pop will surely scare most of them   
9.  Because of my poor handwriting i have ripped to shrews notes on many books.
10. Diabetes suggests what too much sweets will do for you.    
11. Cherish loudly your loves and cherish silently your hates, but work to have silence over come by  loud cherishment.
12. When someone sneezes you ought to say, "I recognize you."  Sneezing loudly is a quirt for attention.
13.  Most dogs are noble while most nobles are dogs.
14.  William was Bill and Bill was Billy and Billy was a goat.
15.  Why say bless you; why not just do?
16.  Little kids do not seek love unless they lose their parents and loss of parents is here shown to be through death or the related ignorance.
17.  Baby cries to get things, hence you may deduce that  not having things is pain…. for babies.
18.  Documents do not get broken, you may rip them but he only way to really diminish any  "suggestion" or "law" is just not to think them up.
19.  The tree contains a thousand book, give or takes less or more.
20.  Every type of excellence need be pushed, prided, bragged before the job is complete.
21.  Time is cut and paper split as socks are torn when they are worn.
22.   Reformed essays are retruthed.  
23.   New truths may be spun into as well as out of through but not out of existence.
24.   Names cannot be torn, thus people who hold those names cannot be bruised to the quick.
25.   The inventor of death was the one called Creator.
26.   He could not sing but his words over spoke his voice
27.   You maybe able to do in the future what you cannot for today therefore keep trying for the future will undoubtedly be being.
28.  Tunes are played on your face and thoughts pop out of tunes.
29.  Ripe thought into shards and learn affairs above and behind that forgotten measurement.  
30.  I do not want you to move fro your feel until your homework is complete.  
31.  Nietzsche, I believe gave thought to be thought and thought to be rejected or changed.   And you know what he said about belief.

~G. David Schwartz

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