July 1, 2015

Six Poems By Milt Montague: "A Grandfathers Reverie", "Eitan My Love", "Maya", "Michaela My Heart", " My Grands", "Parting"

Milt Montague is a 90 year old who has been writing only for 4 years. The following poems are about his 3 young grandchildren who are native Indianians residing in Indianapolis.


 a grandfathers reverie
michaela and me
a park bench
at riverside

swift waters
rush to mingle
the fresh effluence
into the forever ocean

we sit quietly
out of sync with
time or reality 

my arm shielding
her slight body
as life rushes 
headlong onward

for peace
after wrestling
the tide for ages

her trek barely begun

Eitan My Love

my dearest grandson
I charge you  
your classmates
youth of our land
to rescue the future
of our beloved country

seize the moral imperative
armed with knowledge 
of the just and equitable
honed by formal education
inculcated from parents
generations of ancestors 

principles that 
almost 250 years ago
incited a handful of men 
to rebel against an unjust king
whose overseas colonies
were his cash cow

he contemptuously abjured
the biblical precept
“we are our brothers keeper”
we must help those 
who cannot help themselves

once we were the greatest country country in the world
now to our shame
many of our fellow citizens are living in third world conditions

we must see that 
our fellow citizens
do not go hungry

do have a proper home
do have proper medical care
do have proper education
do live in peace

you and your friends must unite
to excise this living cancer
festering in our government
throw out of our legislatures 
these duplicitous congressmen

these miscreants, selfish pigs
who now 
manipulate our government
passing laws favoring 
their self-serving backers
the money-grubbing billionaires

we must replace them
with honest representatives
of the peoples’ will
who shall enact laws
for the good and well-being
of all our people

we must return 
to our nations beginnings
the ideals of our founding fathers 
documented in our
Declaration Of Independence and Constitution


         Under a benignly smiling sun
         Our national sport plays out
         Crowds loudly cheer their teams 
         Onward to certain victory 

         Crowding home plate
         The fiercely growling batter
         Pounds her bat into the ground
         Shouting imprecations at the mound
         To intimidate the nervous pitcher 
         As she throws the next pitch

         My little baby
         My delicate princess
         Suddenly a tigress
         As she wields the bat

michaela my heart
I’m wide awake
it’s 5:26 AM

a parsec away
my love
you wake
more gently

my will power
sends my love 
hurtling thru space
to conjoin my faraway heart
as a rampart of protection
on your 6:30 odyssey

my love 
is a shield
a bulwark
on your perilous voyage
thru dark caverns
into uncharted waters

you shall emerge
victorious my heart
and once again
go to and fro
in my arms
on the porch swing**

**my eight year old granddaughter michaela underwent an endoscopic exam this morning at 6:30 am in Indianapolis, Indiana

             My Grands
I'm pleased to see 
My grands growing tall 
No one in our family is small 

And all are so good looking 
Doubtless due to their 
Mothers’ cooking

More important though 
Is a tender heart 
Which I see as
We part
They seem 
To want to stay 

And with their grandpa play
Yet they must go now 
Live their lives 

In their 
home and time
As I must do In mine


The few days we spent                          

Suffused my heart with                                 
Memories I shall revisit                         

Simply being in chorus 
Despite foul weather 
    We all
Celebrated our joy
    In concert

My nexus left me
On the tarmac

Your plane took

Happily my solace
Assuaged my sadness
Reconstituted our
My spirits soared
    As I
Decided to meet
Next school break

We will fly to 
After your school
Once again with
    My heart
~Milt Montague

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