July 1, 2015

Poetry By Woodrow Hightower: "Twin Revolutions"

Woodrow Hightower is a native of West Point California. He is a poet currently working on a first volume of material, loosely titled “So Low” and has lived in many different locales throughout the US. His work has been called “highly original and playfully abstract.” Currently Hightower resides in San Francisco’s Mission District with wife Twyla and their two Tibetan spaniels.


So this is how it goes:
You put on your blue eye shadow
I wear my best cheap cologne
We manufacture tiny dramas
Loud speak endless slogans
Pick the locks on rabbit cages
And burn down five-star bistros
Our friends follow our lead
Blue Eye IVJ 2015In steel toes throwing red bricks
Believing we’ve figured out the low drone
Of time unspun and squandered
Our movement grows, goes viral
The web ignited by our images
A legion of cinderblock robo-boys
And smokestack love dolls
Marching across alkali flats
To the sound of pearl-black music
And then our falling out
Egos as large as long-haul Peterbuilts
You go your way, I go mine
Our army halved, torn down the middle
You announce to the world
That I was a fraud on a flatbed
I proclaim you Jezebel Bimbo
With shoebox fetish
Momentum dead, message lost
The ink on our coming out
Smudged under ice and salt
It’s sad
Years later our disciples will reunite
Around the latest food-court prophet
Leaving us to live on as footnotes
In someone else’s heat-felt memoir

~Woodrow Hightower

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