July 1, 2015


"Detroit" Photo courtesy of David J. Thompson

The stories, poems, and visual art in this issue of IVJ are diverse, important and powerful.  In Disappearing Search, a poem by Deonte Osayande, we learn what it's like to grow up in a community where black girls go missing without so much as a nod from the rest of the world. Allison Whittenberg tackles the tough issues of rape, pregnancy, and "choice" in Ride The Peter Pan. Nicole Murphy Bagwell's poem, From Mouths to Hands, shows us the horrifying results of intolerance and bullying, which often lead to teen suicide among the LGBT community.

All the works in this issue bear witness to a greater beauty, a greater truth which lives in the world. In us. We are all connected. Not by race or environment, not by works or social class, not by religion or politics, but by our common human experiences. By the passion, love, and compassion written in our spirits which gives rise to hope, and voice to unity.

Wishing you all a happy, safe Independance Day this month.  And a happy one-year anniversary to Indiana Voice Journal!
~Janine Pickett, editor



"Detroit" by David J. Thompson


Poetry By Nicole Murphy Bagwell: "From Mouths To Hands"
Three Poems By Darren C. Demaree: "Nude Male With Echo #61", "Nude Male With Echo #62", "Nude Male With Echo #63"

Poetry By Woodrow Hightower: "Twin Revolutions"

Three Poems By Andrew Hubbard: "Big John's Liquors", "Joy Starke", "The Veteran"

Two Poems By Dan Jacoby: "Wisdom of Solomon", "On Returning To St. Louis"

Three Poems By Peycho Kanev: "Against", "An Odd Occurrence", "Calculations" 

Three Poems By Donal Mahoney: "After Burying A Wife", "There's a Cliff Ahead", "Nearing the Finish Line"

Six Poems By Milt Montague: "A Grandfathers Reverie", "Eitan My Love", "Maya", "Michaela My Heart", " My Grands", "Parting"

Three Poems By Deonte Osayande: "Twisted Origins", "Raven",  "Disappearing Search"

Three Poems By Arthur Powers:  "1903", "Tax Day",  "From Starks to Mount Carroll"

Three Poems By Cindy Rinne:  "Womb-Door I,II,III," "Memory Pockets,"  "Curls Dyed Gray"

Three Poems By Scott Sherman: "They Used to Talk About Burning Cities," " Riding Into Sunsets," " #85"

Two Poems And Visual Art By Cecilia Soprano: "Bokie",  "The Buddha's Garden"


Flash Essay By G David Schwartz:  "July Shards: Darkness Is Not Only For Night, Its Also For A Drink"

CNF By Tom Sheehan: "I Now Burn Pellets In My Stove"


Fiction By DB Cox: "Paint It Black"

Flash Fiction By Mitchell Grabois:  "Beautiful Suit"

Fiction By Raymond Greiner: "The Blues"

Flash Fiction By CN Hueston: "They Called Her Detroit"

Fiction By Adam Matson: "The Witch Of Malibu"

Fiction By Matt McGowan: "Saint John's"

Fiction By Alan Semrow: "Hard Chairs"

Flash Fiction By Phil Temples: "Cat Nipped"

Fiction By Allison Whittenberg: "Ride the Peter Pan"

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