November 5, 2015

A Poem By Katie Hall: "Finding God on a Day at the Beach"

Katie Hall is a writer, artist, and free spirit. She lives in Virginia and dreams of being in summer Maine with the fresh scent of pine trees, warm air, and blue lakes. She loves to weave words that have soul, meaning, and emotion together, and hopes her wordsmithing will move mountains and people.

finding god on a day at the beach

the backs of his arms and hands
stretched out in the hot breeze;
he was jesus, and i was just there,


he had waded into the surf,
dropped warm, yellow sand
from the reverent crooks
of his fingers that cupped
broken rock like it was holy.

i had seen him rise from his knees
and head straight to the beating water,
his face in prayer, or whispering


to a little mound of beach.
he was a boy, and I was just there;
everything and nothing profound,
yet he was jesus, and I left
not understanding.

~Katie Hall 


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