November 5, 2015

Indiana Voice Journal November/December 2015~Encountering God's Presence~The Grace Issue #16


I've implemented a couple of changes in this issue of Indiana Voice Journal.  1. The author photographs are at the end of the posts. 2. No fictional short stories.

It is my hope that this issue of IVJ will awaken your faith and cause you to seek God's presence beyond the veil of religion, and to step into a supernatural, life-changing encounter with Jesus. God is all about relationship. He loves you. Allow yourself to take delight in the wonder, mystery, beauty, grace, and love of the Father. He's seeking you, ask Him to show you his glory.


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Two Poems By Elizabeth Brooks: "Full Circle", "Somehow"

Two Poems By Philip Brown:"My Old Sheep Dog Pain", "Joy Is Not A Feeling" 

Three Poems By Allison Grayhurst: "Getting Up", "Impossible, Only Possible  Way", "Covenant"

A Poem By Katie Hall: "Finding God on a Day at the Beach"

Four Poems By Nels Hanson: "Sanctuary", "Prayer", "Haven", "The Stone"

A Poem By Andrew Hubbard: "Revelation"

Three Poems By Michael Lee Johnson:  "Jesus Knelt in Grief Over the Death of Children", "The Christians Arrived", "Children in the Sky"

A Poem By Anna Keeler: "Children of the Sky"

Three Poems By Amy Nemecek:  "The Work of our Hands", "Prospect Park, Winter 1930", "Winter Solstice"

Three Poems By Scott Thomas Outlar: "Each and Every Breath", "Renewal Song", "Revelations in the Marrow"

Two Poems By Bruce Owens: "Unspeakable Joy", "He Is"

Three Poems By Elizabeth Poreba: " "A Question That Becomes a Complaint", "For a Beloved Minister, Who Committed Suicide", “Bequeath to death your numbness -A Winter’s Tale"

A Poem By EF Schraeder:  "Cobweb Church"

A Poem By Pat St. Pierre: "Rainbow"

Three Poems By Alisa Velaj: "A Tale", "Kindness", "Inception"


An Essay By Barbara Altamirano: "Prayer and Meditation"

Creative Nonfiction Memoir By Amy Gray-Cunningham: "Daring to Believe, Amy’s Memoir as a Living Kidney Donor"

An Essay By Thomas Larson: "I Go to Church, Meet God on Film, and Find the Pastor’s Faith Lay Bare the Absence of Mine”

Creative Nonfiction By Colleen Warren: "Midwest Mimicking: Thoreau in Indiana"

Creative Nonfiction By Jennifer Waters: "Christina The Astonishing"

"Uncapping the Wells" Maria Woodworth Etter--Miracles, Signs, and Wonders with Jack and Deb Welch

Testimonies/Prophetic Words

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