November 5, 2015

Testimonies & Prophetic Words


My family thinks I am crazy for believing in a supernatural God who loves them. The "religious spirit" was all they ever knew of, and turned away from. About a year ago, a particular family member was going through a tough time and I asked God for a word to share with her.  He gave me a vision of her standing in a beautiful garden dressed in vivid colors. In my spirit, I heard, "she is one of the most beautiful flowers in my garden". When I relayed this message to her, she laughed and said I was just making things up to make her feel better. She said," IF God is real, there are so many people on the planet, he wouldn't bother with me". She didn't believe she was worthy of God's love or attention. But she asked me to describe the garden anyway and I said, "beautiful colors, flowers and plants, new growth and blooms all over the place and you are dressed in the colors of the garden, and there are swarms of butterflies over the garden."

     Since that time, I would always tease her whenever she dressed in vivid colors. I would jokingly accuse her of trying to dress like a flower so God would notice her and send his butterflies. And we would both have a good laugh but I think secretly she held on to that hope, that vision/message. A few months ago, her troubles worsened. To make a long story short, it involved a separation from her son. She had been devastated and heartbroken and dealing with a lot of depression and worry.
     She agreed to come with me to church Sunday. When she picked me up, I noticed her colorful "garden" blouse and told her I knew why she wore that shirt. She laughed and nodded. Then we spoke about her son and she confided in me that she had been praying God would restore their relationship. I told her I had been praying God would do something mighty to make her realize how real He is, and how much he loves us!  Anyway, we get to the church, the service begins, the pastor blows us both away by speaking of a vision he is having of butterflies swarming over the congregation. Praise God, He is so good. God sent His butterflies!

     Monday morning her son called and wanted to come see her. He walked through the door, hugged her, and said, "I love you Mama." She says she is no longer a non-believer. She is believing in the power and love of the Father. ~Rem




My husband and I were attending a Global Awakening Conference hosted by Randy Clark. He was ministering to the crowd when he suddenly had a word of knowledge. Randy described in detail the location and the pain I was having in my left knee and told the congregation, "Whoever is having this particular knee pain please stand up. God wants to heal you."  I (and only one other guy in a room full of hundreds of people) stood up. The minute I stood up, heat and tingling coursed through my body nearly knocking me over. This electrical sensation flooded through my knee and the pain left. (The night before Jeff had to help me limp out of the church). The day after the conference, I was able to hike an uphill trail with my kids at the park.  My healing remains to this day. Thank you Jesus! ~Janine Pickett





My 4 year old niece complained that her gums were hurting and bleeding, but when I looked in her mouth I didn't see anything. She looked fine. She soon forgot about the incident and was playing again. Later that evening she complained again that her mouth was hurting so I gave her a cold washrag, but when I looked I still couldn't see anything wrong. I then thought maybe it was something deeper that I couldn't see, like a cut or something so I reached my hand out to pray for healing anyway. The minute I laid my hand on her head, I felt a ring of heat encircle my heart and I heard, "She doesn't need healing, she needs love." So instead of praying for her, I sat her on my lap and told her how beautiful, special, and loved she was. Her face radiated absolute sheer joy! Our Father knows what we need. Trust Him with your life today. ~AJ , Anderson, IN

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