June 3, 2016

Three Poems by Damian Rucci: "Finding Fire," "Gone," and "I've Been Writing."

Damian Rucci's work has appeared in the the Yellow Chair Review, GFT Press, Lehigh Valley Vanguard, Tracer Publishing and Five 2 One Magazine.

Finding Fire

My writing is not

I am not bleeding
on the page.

I dig into the

and find traces
of fire

in the seas
of mediocrity

I’ve Been Writing

I’ve been writing
some stories
about the folks
I grew up with—

the rebel rousers
who’s knuckles
were cut from
teeth and bone,

the real savages
from fatherless
homes down the
Bayshore who
looked a lot like

I changed
their names in the
prose to protect
to thank them
for all the nights
they protected me

from other
fatherless kids
who tore around
the streets in
stolen bikes with
brass knuckles
on their belt

How silly
were we?
Thinking to
be a man we had
to swing our

thinking that
spilling blood
was a
ritual that
would make


You are gone like dust
from the hood of the car we’d
cruise the Bayshore streets in.

Along with your laugh
the way you’d flash your smile
beat of a good heart

will soundtrack our thoughts
which lie heavy with you today
as you find your way

to the peace you craved
I hope it finds you there
and soothes the ones

left behind.

~ Damian Rucci

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