June 3, 2016

Three Poems by Patrick Daniel Read: "Where Is Home", "Speaking Out (Poets United In Verse)", " The Real You"

Patrick Daniel Read is a 45 year old disabled army vet, and has written poetry for 30 years. He is an author and poet, and runs several groups on Facebook, the main one being Starving Poets Tour


Where Is Home

I’ve packed
And unpacked
Far too long
The path has been crooked
The Miles long
So I search
So I seek
A home for my jazzy
A home for me
Not a home
Where I’ll be for awhile
Not a home where I’ll have to leave before
A home for a long time
A home to settle down
A home to sit and watch the spiders
Weaved their cobwebs all along
A home to watch the years fly by
and too tell stories,
Some of truth, some stretched by lies
Some places I’ve given up by choice
Some I was told to leave
Where I had no voice
No choice
Told to move on
Left them in the past
But the memories live on
I’ve had a few places
Here and there
Where I have lived for awhile
But permanency was not there
So where is home
I ask of you
Where is a home where my dreams of settling down will come true?

Speaking Out (Poets United In Verse)
If we all were to raise our voice together,
To demand change,
Fair treatment of the people,
Regardless of race,
But to demand that we all deserve to be treated as equals,
Instead of being separated,
By who is from where?
Who has the most money?
Who, has the better faith,
Perhaps we could make a difference,
For a loud voice,
Is of course,
Heard much more than a silent,
A quiet,
A soft spoken one,
Who knows how much change could be done,
We spend far too much time,
Pointing fingers at each other,
Blaming each other,
When instead,
We should blame the powers that be,
For the despair in our nation’s economy,
For the tension that lives and thrives in the streets,
If you will,
What a difference we could make,
The very foundations of our nations would shake,
For all of us,
Are nothing but the same,
And till we raise our voices together,
The simple truth is we have no one but each other to blame.

The Real You
Who is the real you?
The person wanting to break through?
To chase your dreams,
To chase your destiny?
To succeed in ways only you can see?
Tired of sitting at your desk?
Tired of punching that clock?
Why not chase your dreams,
Give all you have got.
Those who really love you,
Will support you in what you do,
The false friends
Will fall on through,
So be you,
It’s who god meant for you to be,
There is a reason
These dreams are in your heart,
It’s you path,
It’s your destiny.
So, take off your mask,
Let the real you shine on through,
Be yourself,
Be you,
Chase your dreams,
Pursue your destiny,
As you were designed to do.
~Patrick Daniel Read

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