June 3, 2016

Three Poems by Don Beukes: "Derelict," "Erutan Mai," and "Broken"

I was born, raised and educated in Cape Town, South Africa in the last two decades of Apartheid and also have British and EU citizenship. Now a retired teacher of English, I am following my passion to write poetry and hoping to share my literal mentality with our global village, hoping to make global citizens check their moral compass now and then in an ever changing world. As a person of mixed race heritage, I want to share my experiences whilst growing up, living  and working in a totalitarian racist regime. https://about.me/donbeukes


Scores of starving children roaming
silently moaning as we watch in horror
behind the safety of our television screens
the saturated screams of neglect lest we
forget charitable targets not met -

Our brittle faith in humanity crushed
witnessing political fallout dust
it covers troubled areas in forced conflict
armageddon nightmares


plunging nations in disintegrating derelict.

Power hungry gravy train engineers
polishing their latest designer veneers
leaving qualified job seekers in diamond
tears – Fuelling fiendish foretold fears
of marauding fed-up factions desperately
tearing down enriched utopian mansions
only to be severely severely stopped
by a political fatal hell-hound menacing mob

with tensions rising society dividing decision
makers floundering – Shady deals forged in
Ché Guevara cigar filled backrooms whilst
being served honey covered poison mushrooms

the air pregnant with false rumors
serenaded by corrupt parliamentary
crooners – A world in tumultuous
turmoil desperately trying to keep in tact

a burning human inferno
in a place doomed to remain


Erutan Mai 

I am cosmic ripples of time

creator unknown

some say divine,

Driven by intergalactic forces

tactile metamorphoses

extreme energy my

fiery fuel

my own nemesis,

A faint rumbling signals it

airflow speeds over

infiltrating weeds

wildlife stirs murmuring

chaos anew,

Light fades as darkness craves,

Ignited by an unknown entity

my rage resulting in

an earthly deity,





Tectonic shivers

my playground expanding -

Subtle resistance prevails

as approaching

mayhem sails

towards order and peace

promising no

relentless release.

I am the gargle of

raging waters

instinctively searching

a spiral destination

briefly gushing

providing fresh sustenance,

Invisible force catapulting

me into a salty fortress

it tucks at your intake of air

as it sucks out life all around,

Your senses explode

sensory overload

primitive instincts surface

into the lair.

I am legions of identities

mankind keen to

baptise me ‘Mother’,

My offspring diverse

their power my

eternal curse,

Each molecule under my instruction

an egregious growl turns

into a menacing scowl

of eclectic electric

cobalt light

burning bright,

Imploding clouds

deliver a ghastly sight

air splits

as I vomit foul,

Schizophrenic reactions

reveal another dimension,

My life-giving force resulting

in growing generations,

Microscopic activity

biological longevity

colors exploding

fossils exfoliating,

I am omnipresent

and potent

yet holding charge

of life abound.

I remain

and always

will be -

Erutan Mai.


Deathrow –

Its echo haunts my

crumbling halo

cutting through

my hopeless interior –

Falsely shunned by

society's man-made laws

caged within these eternal

damned doomed doors – My

essence flickering fleeting

disappearing – mamon knocking

its minions mocking, taunting

neighbourly tirade desperately

engineered attempting

to make me fade –

Daily raw rhetoric

filtering through beastly

boasting brick of apparent

initial violence breaking

the silence –

Persistent poisonous

mocking desperate

to cripple me

alas, two decades could

not wither me -

By all means rewrite

your sour soliloquy

faith almost broken – Me

an uptown lawyer's token, a

perilous unlawful process still

unspoken – My youthful former self

mistakenly confessed under drugged

duress – To a murky murder

drunken mayhem, freedom

broken - Society's tarnished

teenage token stripped humanity –

Sentenced to institutional insanity

devoid from chosen human contact –

Beelzebub signing my final deathly

contract - Isolation draining me

dehumanising me -

Do you see me

hovering in limbo ?

A small audience to

witness my demise -

The ultimate freak show

fading the glow – You look

at me straining to see

hoping to stop a blurred

perceived growing anarchy

a brittle spirit

finally broken – You

wretch at my sudden

seizure your chosen

amnesia adoring this

pitiful pathetic procedure -

My existence eerily vivid

you -

The executioner

silent raucous reverie -

My last referee

a soul finally broken

splinters of doubt -

My body an empty shell

successful callous cull -



translucent -


~  Don Beukes

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