June 3, 2016

Three Poems by Duane Vorhees: "Airy Poppings," "Deign Not to Name," and "Bones."

Duane Vorhees was born in Germantown, Ohio, near the Indiana border. He moved to nearby Farmersville when he was 10 and spent his adolescence there -- or, rather, his adolescence spent him! After high school he briefly attended "The" Ohio State University before graduating from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio with a degree in American Studies. And then, predictably enough, he left Ohio for good (or bad, of course, depending on one's preference). He has spent most of his life abroad, mainly teaching in Korea and Japan for the marvelously redundantly named University of Maryland University College. Now he is happily retired in Khon Kaen, Thailand, where he publishes a daily creative arts magazine, duanespoetree.blogspot.com


Airy Poppings:
Super caliph/rajah-istic rex
all atrocious.

Deign Not to Name

Unanonymous assassin
spots his mark
marks his hit
his king his icon his president
hits his mark
marks his spot
Dealey Ford’s Dakota the Lorraine
--Onan animates his action


The raven severs the Eros meme.
Ah, it even chills our bones.
Our heavens quiver.

The biers
of dreamers and chefs,
emperors, nuns, unshriven rievers and heroes

A disheveled lily moans.
Beribboned silvers of Zeroes scream out their solemn Nils and Nones,
while deafened zithers strum lyric themes--
the cold sullen Will of tombs,
the seven rivers of Hiroshima,
the seven hills of Rome.

~Duane Vorhees

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