February 1, 2017

A Poem by Judy Moskowitz: "Making Friends with Fear"

Judy Moskowitz started playing piano at the age of three and became a professional jazz musician. She has performed throughout the New York City area and was part of the jazz scene in New York. Judy started writing poetry three years ago and has been published in Indiana Voice Journal, Midnight Dreamers Of The Yellow Haze, The Poet Community.com, Whispers Of The Wind, Leaves Of Ink, and Poetry Life & Times. She currently resides in Boca Raton Florida where she continues to play jazz and write poetry. They live side by side in her veins and soul.

Making Friends With Fear

I've made friends with fear
And have gotten to know its root
Traveling through a bloodline
Like a virus that thrives
Ready to attack at anytime
I can feel the poison running through
Making my heart beat so loud
Feeling it down to my feet
It's more complicated than a cold
This creature of known origin
Making its home inside
The body mind and soul
An unwanted house guest
Throwing wet towels on the floor
Waiting for someone else
To clean up hopelessness
In an unmade bed
Making deals with fate

Judy Moskowitz

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